How to easily play HIGH NOTES on the Flute

Jul 01, 2016

Struggling to play high notes on the flute? 

Getting dizzy?

Or perhaps, no matter how hard you blow, you seem to just get a loud screechy sound?

Not pleasant right!

In this short lesson I'm going to show you how to play mid and high range notes much more easily, by teaching you the correct embouchure.

It makes the world of difference to your or your students playing.

In fact, a colleague of mine, Catherine Liebel, text me this message after I taught some of her students for her:

“What you did to Demi’s playing is absolutely amazing! When I started teaching her last year, she couldn’t play above a G above the stave - we’ve been working on her tone and high notes for about 3 terms, and in 1 lesson you’ve fixed her!! Thank you so much!!”

Wanna know the secret?

The secret is that it's not really a secret! It's just proper technique. And it's all in the video below...

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