How to Instantly Improve Your Flute Tone

Come and join me to easily learn the 3 SIMPLE TECHNIQUES that give you an instantly clearer sound.

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Instant Improvement is a Real Thing

I show you how real (and fast!) progress on the flute is just a series of simple tweaks to your playing.


3 Tiny Embouchure Changes

These 3 tweaks to your mouth shape instantly improve your tone, and stop you running out of breath so quickly.


The Path to Success

You'll learn how to experience an incredible shift in your playing that lets you know 100% that you're finally on the right path.

Now, claim your spot!

Join me to easily learn the 3 tiny tweaks that instantly give you a stronger and clearer tone.

Over the next 3 DAYS, I'll teach you one technique each day. And I can't wait!

You'll also get Jane's weekly tips on how to quickly improve your flute playing!

"One 5 minute video has cleared up 45 years of confusion and frustration and my feelings of gratitude are enormous. Thank you a thousand times!"

Buffalo, New York, USA

"I am literally kicking butt on your tone exercises. My tone sounds really good - it hasn't sounded like this ever! "

Janet Finlay

"I have had a major breakthrough with sound production and breath control immediately based on doing what you explain. Thank you very much for explaining in simple terms what others could not."

Bill Buchman
Sarasota, Florida, USA

"After I completed your first set of lessons on embouchure last night my husband came in after I finished playing and said "What on earth did you DO?? You are playing so much better!""

Lindsay Irvin
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Here's the truth

Many adult flute players suffer from overwhelm, thinking that they "should be better than this by now!".

And most players think that practicing for hours will get them results.

But the truth is: it's only when you learn the right tweaks to make to your playing, in the right order, that you start progressing really quickly.

Join me to learn 3 of these tiny tweaks which instantly get you a clearer and stronger sound!

This mini-course is a "must" for you if:

> You practice, but feel like you're not improving as fast as you'd like.

> Your sound on the flute is fluffy or airy.

> You run out of air too quickly.

A Note From Jane...

I'm lucky enough to have been playing and teaching the flute professionally for over 20 years.

I know how my hundreds of students had previously felt frustrated from their slow progress - thinking they were missing a key ingredient, or just not good enough to play the music they wanted to.

Well, once I showed them the tiny steps that would ultimately transform their playing, let me tell you, they made up for lost time and have not looked back!

This is what I LOVE about teaching the flute to adults - they appreciate the EFFICIENCY of learning proper playing techniques!

Come and join me to learn how to quickly improve your tone, by learning the 3 little techniques that instantly make your sound clearer and stronger...