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Join professional flute tutor Jane Cavanagh to transform your own flute playing (one clever tweak at a time) and without the frustration or overwhelm.

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Why are some flute players able to play with such fluency and ease, yet others struggle to truly improve?

You might be thinking "Well, it's how much they practise!" because you know that it actually does take time and practice to progress properly.

So then - how can it be that even though you do practise the flute regularly, you still feel frustrated with your lack of significant progress, or you feel overwhelmed with all the things you've been told you should be practising??

I get it. The rollercoaster of conflicting information can be really confusing.

And time-consuming...

Let me know if this sounds familiar.


You're frustrated.

You're motivated to learn, and you do practice, but you don't understand why you're progressing soooo slowly!


You think maybe you're not musical enough.

Even though you've got music bursting inside of you, you see amazing flute players and think maybe they've just "got what it takes" and that maybe you don't after all...


It's hard to find a good teacher.

You want to learn, and maybe you've taken some lessons in the past, but you struggle to find, or connect with, a teacher who can actually show you how to make instant improvements. 


I have a little message for you...

Yes please!

It's your time! ✨

I know you are a smart, musical (yes, you are!) flute player with the enthusiasm to want some real progress with your playing.

It's your turn to discover how to transform your flute playing by learning proper flute technique, one step at a time.

Imagine no more confusion, no more overwhelm and no more frustration.

Imagine how it would feel to...

🎢 Never feel frustrated again

You know the frustration (or the overwhelm) that you sometimes feel? When you start incorporating proper technique into your playing, that feeling disappears. Completely.

🎢 Consistently play with a clear tone

Imagine having a strong, reliable sound that gets your friends or family saying "Wow! You sound amazing! What did you do?!"

🎢 Play high notes with ease

Imagine never having to force out high, screechy notes again. What if scaring away the cat (or your partner!) was replaced with sweet-sounding, reliable high notes?

🎢 Have enough air to play long phrases

Imagine feeling like your lungs have doubled in size, taking you through long, beautiful phrases without running out of air.

🎢 Have lightning fast fingers

Imagine being able to play fast passages and scales with swift, accurate fingers!

🎢 Play with musical expression

Imagine having the ability to express yourself easily and freely through your flute playing. Well, proper technique is the foundation of this expression.

You deserve to feel the freedom, joy and ease that comes from being able to play with proper technique.

And I'm going to help you get there.


The Flute Academy

with Jane Cavanagh

Ready to get faster progress by learning proper technique?

Yes I want to join!

Real people. Real results.

When you join The Flute Academy, you're joining hundreds of flute players around the world who have transformed their flute playing.

People that are just like you.

What you'll learn in The Flute Academy...

You'll learn how to transform your flute playing (one clever tweak at a time), without the frustration or overwhelm.

Included in The Flute Academy

Monthly Technique Workshops

Each month, I take you through exactly how I practise (and teach). You'll learn a new flute playing skill each month, and get a step by step breakdown to set you up for a leap forward in your ability.

Included in The Flute Academy

Monthly Repertoire Classes

In this class you'll learn a new piece with me every month. I'll show you how to strategically overcome common stumbling blocks, giving you a head start in your mastery of the piece.

Included in The Flute Academy

Monthly Masterclasses

Watch an educational "open lesson" of a fellow academy student. After you've been a student in the academy for 6 months, you too can apply to be the featured student and receive personalised tips on how to progress even further.

Included in The Flute Academy

Monthly Online Concerts

Come and perform a piece! (And you definitely don't need to be a pro!) Practise "playing in public" in this relaxed, supportive environment, or just sit back and enjoy being in the audience.


Monthly Prizes πŸŽ‰

Every month inside The Flute Academy, there is a special giveaway. Prizes include sheet music gift cards, books of flute music (sent to you in the real-life mail!) and more.

Included in The Flute Academy *

The 45 Day Flute Transformation

A step by step masterplan to transform your flute playing, without the overwhelm.

During this strategic program, each day you'll learn exactly how to make a precise adjustment or "tweak" to your playing.

The result is a series of 45 micro improvements, all of which accumulate into an incredible transformation.

* Activated on your 10th day in The Flute Academy.

Here are just some of the skills you'll learn as you go through

The 45 Day Flute Transformation


Struggling to play high notes - they sound loud, sharp, and use a lot of air.

By the end of the High Note module (Days 4-8)...

TO THIS'll have learnt the exact embouchure exercise that makes high notes not only easier, but sound a lot sweeter, and use a whole lot less air! βœ¨

Wondering how to get a clearer, stronger tone.

After you complete The Magic Tone Exercise (Days 17-23)...'ll know the exact steps flute pros take to get (and keep!) their strong, vibrant sound. βœ¨

Struggling to get through long phrases.

By the end of the Breathing module (Days 28-31)... will likely feel like your lungs have doubled in size. In actual fact, you will have learnt how to use your air efficiently, and will be playing longer phrases than you ever have. βœ¨

Slow, clunky fingers.

At the end of the Faster Fingers module (Days 32-36)...'ll know the simple, but highly effective, 4 step process of speeding up your fingers. Your fingers will feel lighter, more fluid, and much, much quicker. βœ¨

You'll also get access to

The 5 Day Breakthrough

Learn how to break through "flute frustration" and discover the real way to accelerate your progress.


The Power of Proper Technique

You'll learn how to use the power of proper flute playing technique to immediately put yourself on the path to accelerated improvement.


The Complete Flute Player's Troubleshooting Guide

In this interactive guide, simply select one of the 41 common flute playing problems and follow the path to your solution.


How to Practise Smarter Not Harder

In this workshop, you'll learn the 4 specific practising techniques that make 15 minutes of practice give you faster improvement than weeks of your usual practice!

DAY 4 + 5

Myth busting session

We’ll debunk 5 commonly believed (and damaging!) flute playing myths that are inhibiting your progress!

And on Day 5, you'll learn the secret to consistent, continuous improvement.

Join The Flute Academy

Ready to transform your flute playing, one step at a time?

Yes! Sign me up!

Real flute players. Just like you.

Join the flute players from around the world who have transformed their flute playing.

Hey, it's great to see you here!

I'm Jane Cavanagh, a professional flute teacher and player in Sydney, Australia.

During the last 20+ years of teaching flute players from beginners to university level music majors and beyond, I've developed a unique teaching method.

This highly strategic method is based around the power of proper flute technique, and how it leads to ongoing mini breakthroughs, quickly resulting in easier, more beautiful playing.

And I'm so glad you're here, that you've found me...

Because The Flute Academy is my way of being able to teach you (wherever you are in the world!) the freedom and ease of playing that comes from learning proper flute playing technique.

Have a question?

Here's what some of my best students asked before joining...

My mission

Hearing my Flute Academy students say things like "Oh WOW! I thought I'd never be able to play like this! Thank you so much!!" really fuels me to teach the power of proper technique to as many flute players around the world as I can.

It distresses me (daily!) when I hear from flute players who still believe they need to grind themselves into the ground practising harder and harder...

...when the answer lies in the small tweaks to their playing that will set them free to play with fluency and ease.

Yes! I want to be a part of this.

⭐️ You're so ready for this!

The number one killer of the dreams of flute players, just like you, is thinking "Well, those other amazing flute players got great results, but is it possible for me?"

If you're brave enough to start the journey inside The Flute Academy, it's just a matter of implementing the tweaks of proper technique, one tiny step at a time and you will see a transformation of your flute playing.

Yes I want to be a part of this!

Jane's guarantee

During The Flute Academy, you’re going to learn the incredible fundamental skills that teach you genuine progress on the flute.

I guarantee that you will feel (and hear!) that you're on the right path within a few days. Yes, that quickly!

If you're not completely happy with your progress, just let me know within 2 weeks of your purchase, and I will gladly refund your purchase.

Remember, when you join The Flute Academy...

Here's what you get

βœ… Technique Workshops

A step by step breakdown of a new technique every month.

βœ… Repertoire Classes

Build your repertoire by learning a new piece every month.

βœ… Masterclasses

Learn by observing an Academy student's lesson each month.

βœ… Online Concerts

Practise performing, or sit back and enjoy being in the audience.

βœ… Monthly prizes! πŸŽ‰

Enter every month to win an awesome giveaway!

βœ… The 45 Day Flute Transformation

A step by step masterplan to transform your playing.

βœ… BONUS The 5 Day Breakthrough

Break through flute frustration and discover the real way to accelerate your progress!

How to join me in The Flute Academy.

Choose from one of the options below and let's begin the process of transforming your flute playing!


$37 USD

per month

Access to The Flute Academy
  • Monthly Technique Workshops
  • Monthly Repertoire Classes
  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Monthly Online Concerts
  • Monthly prizes πŸŽ‰


The 45 Day Flute Transformation



The 5 Day Breakthrough
Yes please!


$395 USD

per year (Save $49)

Access to The Flute Academy
  • Monthly Technique Workshops
  • Monthly Repertoire Classes
  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Monthly Online Concerts
  • Monthly prizes πŸŽ‰


The 45 Day Flute Transformation



The 5 Day Breakthrough
Yes please!

I'd love to welcome you as an academy student!

If you like the idea of getting faster progress on the flute by learning proper playing technique, you're in the right place.

It brings me so much joy to see my students (who are just like you) learn the right tiny adjustments to make, transform their flute playing, and then feel the incredible freedom of expression that comes with it.

Jane xx