Flute Q&A #14 with Jane

Flute Q&A #14: Cheap flutes

Nov 22, 2021

Come and learn how pros make cheap flutes sound good, what to do about "spit bubbles", how to play fast notes on the flute, and more in your Flute Q&A #14!

In this Flute Q&A...

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Quality of the flute

- Moira asks: I realise the quality of the flute plays a role, but I have heard professionals make cheap flutes sound beautiful. Does it come down to the shape of a person’s lips or mouth?

Moira, here is the link to the tone exercises video  I mentioned. Here are the two videos on buying a cheap flute  and the one comparing a $100 flute to a $10,000 flute. And lastly, join the free mini-course to instantly improve your tone here, if you haven't already.

Dribbling flutes

- Anna asks: More than a spit bubble, I seem to have a flute filled with "condensation" after I've played for a bit which I think affects my sound. Is this likely and if so how do I fix this (short of dismantling and cleaning flute every so often)?

Anna, have a look at this video about why your flute dribbles and here is the video about how to get rid of spit bubbles (for anyone who wants to know!)

The Flute Academy lessons

- Lee asks: A question about your flute academy. Which parts of course are live versus pre-recorder videos? Can pre-recorded videos be played back more than once? Are there available places left in The Flute Academy this month?

The Flute Academy that I mentioned to Lee is here.

Hand position adjustment

- Suzanne asks: Hi Jane, you mentioned in one of your flute academy modules that you had to correct a hand position while you studied in France, what did you do to correct this issue and how long did it take you to be comfortable once you made the corrections.

Playing fast notes on the flute

- Langston asks: How do I play sixteenth notes, and other quick notes on the flute?

Langston, speed up your fingers by following the 5 tips in this video.

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