$100 flute compared to my $10,000 flute!

Apr 27, 2020

Days before the lockdown, I received a text photo from my friend of an ALDI catalogue, selling flutes for $100.

"Look at this!", she said! "Can you believe it?!"

My first reaction (of course) was "Oooh I want to try that flute and see how bad it is!"

So... off I went off to ALDI and bought a mass-produced flute for $150 Australian Dollars (which is about $100 USD).

I unwrapped the layers and layers (and layers) of packaging at home, and started to play...

But! Today's video is not about me laughing at the cheap flute!

> It's actually to show you how surprisingly good it sounds, and why...

Watch the comparison above.

Jane xx


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