Flute Q&A #13 with Jane

Flute Q&A #13: Playing a chromatic scale smoothly

Nov 15, 2021

You guys ask great questions! Included today is how to play a chromatic scale smoothly on the flute, how to get a clearer sound and what the difference in different shaped lip plates does for your tone.

In this Flute Q&A...

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Smooth F to F#

- Moira asks: When playing a chromatic scale is there a secret of going from F to F# smoothly with no interim sound?

A beautiful flute sound

- Moira asks: I was wondering if you had any tips for people who have got to the point they get a clear and clean sound out of their flute, but somehow it still lacks the beauty of a professional player.

Moira, here is the link to the video on the tone exercises I mentioned. And also, here is the free mini course to instantly improve your tone if you haven't done it already! Also, Moira, I realise I missed part of your question in this video about whether the shape of someone's lips makes a difference, so I'll answer your question again in the next Flute Q&A! Sorry!

The Bb key on the flute

- Wats asks: Hi there! What is the purpose of the other thumb key (Bb key?) next to the regular thumb key? I've seen students "cheat" on their high notes by pressing that key down instead of using their air. Any insight on how to properly use this key would be helpful

Wats, here is the video on which Bb fingering is correct.

The Flute Academy

- Kim asks: I just wanted to say since I found the flute Academy you have developed the classes and website into a beautiful place. It is easy to follow. Thank you Jane, Kim from Wisconsin

More info on The Flute Academy can be found here.

Two different flute lip plates

- Dale asks: I have noticed there's a difference between my two flutes embouchure hole cuts and appreciate your informative explanation. My question is about the actual lip plate and how one falls acutely and flat, and the other rounds down toward the head joint. One of the flutes causes a split in my airstream condensation, and the other one causes a perfect triangle shape of condensation. I'm wondering why that is a whether I need to focus my air differently on my 2 different flutes.

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