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How to use the flute trill keys

How to Use the Flute Trill Keys

Feb 28, 2022

Here's an easy way to remember how to use the trill keys correctly on the flute. You'll see 7 trills on the flute that use these keys, and they make trills easy, and sound really good!

Learn how to use the flute trill keys correctly!

You're going to learn in this video, how to use the trill keys on the flute exactly correctly.

Using the flute trill keys

My name is Jane Cavanagh, I'm a flute teacher. I live in Australia and I teach my students exact proper technique, which gets them instantly faster progress on the flute. So it's great learning faster progress through learning proper technique. This is not so much a technique. This is just correct information that you're going to learn.

The 7 trills on the flute that use the trill keys

So there's really seven common trills on the flute that you use these trill fingerings for, which is crazy, right? Because you might go: there's only two trill keys. How do you use it for seven different trills? And they might not be the trills that you think. A lot of people, you know, flute players, they'll just use these trill keys just because it sounds good, you can make good sounds. But it's not necessarily the right ones that they're using.

The C to D trill on the flute

Okay. Here we go with the seven trills. Firstly, we use it for C to D trill. So that C You use the first trill key with your index finger for C to D. The next trill is C to D but up high. And you use your ring finger for the second trill key. Probably don't have a great background here. So I'll just make sure that you can see what I'm doing.

The C# to D trill on the flute

Okay. So they were both C to D - a mid one and high one. The next two trills that you use these keys for are C sharp to D. So C Sharp first trill key. And the C sharp to D above, same trill key. So you use that first trill key with your index finger for both C Sharp to D in the mid-range and the one up high as well.

The C# to D# trill on the flute

Okay. The next two trills that we're going to look at, C Sharp to D Sharp. So the low one, I don't mean low, low. I mean, you know, that's, you would call that mid-range of the flute. So ring finger on the second trill key. Now C Sharp to D you above you use both trill keys. So index finger and ring finger, and you use both.

The B to C# trill on the flute

Now the last flute trill that I'm going to give you as an example is B to C Sharp. Firstly, the mid B to C Sharp. You don't use a trill key. You just trill it with your two fingers here for the normal B to C sharp fingering. Some flutes have a special trill key for B to C Sharp, but my flute doesn't, I've only seen one or two flutes ever that have it. So it's a bit of a rare thing. So you just have to deal with doing the normal fingering. But the octave above B to C sharp, you can actually use the first trill key to trill B to C sharp, which is pretty amazing, cuz not everyone knows that about B toC sharp trill up high.

The Ultimate Flute Trill Guide

So there you go. Ooh, I barely took a breath. Now, if you would like to know even more about trill fingerings specifically if you would like to know every single trill fingering on the flute correctly and an easy way to remember them all, good timing for you because I've just released The Ultimate Trill Guide inside The Flute Academy this month. So if you're watching this in March 2022, the ultimate trill guide is now available for the flu academy students inside the flu academy.

The Flute Academy

If you're watching this after March 2022, you can still access The Ultimate Trill Guide in The Flute Academy and go to to find out more about how you can access The Ultimate Trill Guide. So it's where you learn every single trill finger on the flute and an easy way to remember it.

So there you go. I hope you learned how to use the first trill key and the second trill key used with that finger on the flute. They're pretty fun and they make trills really easy and sound pretty good. See you later. 

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