Famous flute pieces with trills

Flute Q&A #48: Famous flute pieces with trills!

Mar 28, 2023

In this Flute Q&A #48, you'll hear 5 example of flute pieces that use trills, and even thought there are many flute pieces that use trills, I wonder if you were able to guess any of the examples?!

The Flute Q&A question comes from Jennifer, who asks:

"Do you know many flute pieces that use trills? I'm on a mission to learn all my trill fingerings and want to practise them in pieces."

Thanks Jennifer for the inspiration to create this video!

Famous flute pieces with trills!

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And a question for YOU!
What pieces written for flute that have trills in them have I missed in this video? Let me know in the comments below!

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Flute pieces that include trills

Welcome to Flute A and A number 48, where you are going to hear examples of famous flute pieces that use trills. This question comes from Jennifer and she says, do you know many flute pieces that use trills? Yes, I do. I'm on a mission to learn all my trill fingerings and want to practice them in pieces. That's really cool, Jennifer, that you want to learn pieces in context because it's always a good motivation to play.

Include further flute examples

Now I've got a few things to tell you, Jennifer, I've got five examples for you, specifically flute pieces that use trills. Now, anyone watching this, including Jennifer, if you're watching this on YouTube and you think there's a piece that I should have included that I didn't put in the comments below. And when we get enough pieces, I'll do another video on more examples of trills in flute pieces.

Flute trill fingerings

The second thing I need to tell you, Jennifer, is if you are struggling with your flute fingerings, I wouldn't say struggling, more to the point if you would like to know your exact flute, trill fingerings, I'll tell you more about how to do that later. Okay, here we go.

First flute piece example

So the first example is from William Tell. It's called Ranz des Vaches. But to tell you the truth, I actually didn't know that this section of this piece was called Ranz des Vaches. It's famous, I'm sure you'll know it. It's by Rossini.

Flute solo

There was a beautiful. That was a less beautiful trill. It's written beautifully. It was just a bit clunky when I played it. It's actually this piece is written for orchestra, but it's a flute solo. So that counts as a piece written for flute. I think now my music is upside down. Sorry. It's upside down Miss Jane.

Famous flute pieces that include trills

Okay, the next one, Badinerie. This is by Bach. This is also famous. This has very short trills. This is Baroque. Very short and sweet little trills in there.

Standard flute repertoire

Our next example is Andante in C Major by Mozart. You may or may not know this by name, but you might actually know this cuz it's quite standard famous repertoire for the intermediate level flute player and it has nice little short trills all the way through. That is the classical style being Mozart.

Flute and orchestral piece

The next one, I love this piece. This is also written for an orchestra and the flute has a significant part in this piece. It's called Pavane. It's by Faure. I'll play the start for you so that you know what this piece is, and then I'll jump to the section where there are trills, oh my gosh, interlude.

Free flute mini course on tone

If you would like to learn how to be able to play long phrases like that, it starts with your embouchure. Come to and I will teach you in a three day mini course how to fix your embouchure, which fixes your tone, which means you use less air, which means you can get through longer phrases.

Flute trill fingerings

Okay, back to Pavane<laugh>. That was like an ad break except that it's free. Jump to the section where there are trills. It sounds like this. That's really interesting, that true fingering is very specific for E sharp to F sharp. I'll talk to you more about where to learn your trill fingerings in a second. My music is again, upside down.

Piccolo trill piece

The last example is Stars and Stripes Forever. Technically it's written for piccolo, but it's the same fingering, so on flute and piccolo. So this is a good example for you. And of course, when you are learning this on piccolo, perhaps to play in a marching band, you would learn it first on flute. Okay, it's this bit.

Famous flute pieces

Now if I was going to perform that, obviously I would practice that so I could do it without the gaps in there. So they are the five examples of trills, pieces with chills. If you think I should have included something famous that I didn't put in the comments on YouTube below, and I can do another video with more famous flute pieces with chills.

Faster progress through proper flute technique

Jennifer. Now if Jennifer, you would like to learn all of your trill fingerings correctly. Hey, I didn't say who I am. My name is Jane. I'm a flute teacher, but you probably guessed that. So I love teaching people proper techniques to get them faster progress. One example of that is a course called the Ultimate Trill Guide. Very systematically teaching you how to do exactly correct trill fingerings on the flute, and an easy way to remember each one.

The Flute Academy

So the Ultimate Trill Guide is part of the Flute Academy. I'll put a link below Jennifer or anyone else in case you're interested in finding more about the Flute Academy, there's a link below in this video. It's also at to find out more. So there you go, your five example pieces, famous flute pieces with trills in them. See you later.

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