Flute Q&A #9 with Jane

Sep 06, 2021

Your next (excellent!) flute questions have been answered in Flute Q&A #9. Ask a flute question for the Flute Q&A here: https://www.flute.school/ask 

- Boston asks: I have a low register problem. When I practice long tones in the low register, starting soft and crescendoing to my maximum volume, the sound breaks into a gurgling broken split fluttery sound. It happens mostly on E and Eb, less as I play D, C# and C.

Just in case a "spit bubble" is your issue Boston, check out this video: https://www.flute.school/blog/how-to-get-rid-of-spit-bubbles  Also, if you're keen to do the free mini-course to instantly improve your flute tone, you can register here: https://www.flute.school/free 

- Bibi asks: How do you get that breathy noise out of your note?

Bibi, you might want to look at this video about which tone exercises on the flute are best avoided! https://www.flute.school/blog/tone-exercises-to-avoid 

- Jean asks: How can you coordinate your fingers and tongue with rapid double tonguing?

Jean, Double Tonguing is the focus of November in The Flute Academy! You can join here: https://www.flute.school/academy 

- Cherie asks: Do you have a guide for when to use each fingering for B Flat?

Cherie, yes! Here's a video answering exactly your question: https://www.flute.school/blog/b-flat-flute-fingering

- Jen asks: I've learned so much from the few times I've watched you but where do I go from here? How do I improve on my sight reading and placement of notes?

For your sight reading Jen, here's the link to https://www.flutetunes.com and info on The Flute Academy here: https://www.flute.school/academy

Jane xx

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