Flute Q&A #8 with Jane

Flute Q&A #8: Tips on playing an open holed flute

Aug 23, 2021

What great flute questions you asked! Here are the (hopefully) enlightening answers!

In this Flute Q&A...

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Playing an open holed flute

- Katie asks: Hi Jane, First thank you for the beautiful flute book I won in July. My question is "when should I take the plugs out and start playing open holes?" I am still a beginner, Grade 3 or there abouts.

Here is the video I mentioned Katie - about whether to take all the plugs of your flute out at once or not:  Also, check out Flute Q&A #6, there's a good question in there that I think will help you too! 

Challenging flute pieces

- Cliff asks: Hey Jane! Any tips on how to tackle challenging flute pieces such as Concertos or etudes? Thanks

Cliff, the Workshop I mentioned is on Day 3 of The 5 Day Breakthrough. Find out more here if you're keen: 

Synthetic flute corks

- John asks: What are your thoughts on synthetic flute headjoint plug stoppers, are they really better than cork?

Lighter weight flutes

- Brenda asks: I have a solid silver flute which is quite heavy. Can you recommend a lighter weight flute with good tonal qualities. Preferably costing less than £5,000?

Brenda, I realise now I shouldn’t have assumed you were in England! I’m sorry if you’re in another country in the UK (or the world) that uses pounds!

High notes on the flute

- Lee asks: Any tips for those very top 3 notes - Bb, B and C? They're hard to play and not screech! 🤢

Lee, the High Notes module (Module 2) of The 45 Day Flute Transformation teaches you the real way of playing high notes with ease. Find out more about joining here: 

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