Flute Q&A #6 with Jane

Flute Q&A #6: Playing high F# easily

Aug 09, 2021

Your flute questions have been answered! And what great questions they were. Check out the next instalment of Qs in this week's Q&A video.

In this Flute Q&A...

Ask me a flute question for the Flute Q&As here.

Getting a middle octave good tone

- Vivian asks: How can I get a good tone when playing notes in the middle octave?

The Magic Tone Exercise is part of The Flute Academy, Vivian. You can find out more about the academy here:

Tapering notes on the flute

- Cherie asks: How do professionals taper note endings? I've read that a good taper is to push the jaw forward aim the air higher to let it whisper away, however I think there is more magic in it.

Tapering ends of phrases is an upcoming topic of The Flute Academy, Cherry! So, great minds think alike! Check out the brand new academy info here (it opens for enrolments on 1st October 2021). 

Simple flute music

- Rachael asks: Hello, do you know of some simple sheet music for The Entertainer?

Here is the flute sheet music you can print out Rachael! 

Plugged up G key

- Sean asks: I’ve been using plastic fillings in my G key. Should I take it out eventually?

Sean, here's a video I did on whether you should remove the plugs in your flute all at once, which might be useful to you! 

Playing a nice high F# on the flute

- Bonnie asks: How do I get a high F# to come out clear and pretty?

The Complete Flute Players Troubleshooting Guide is part of The Flute Academy, and there's literally a video on how to make high F#s easier! More about the academy here: 

You also might loved learning the highest note on the flute here for a bit of fun!

Before putting your flute away

- Bette asks: When you are done playing for a day, what do you recommend we do before putting the flute in its case?

This video on the pros and cons of keeping your flute out its case might interest you Bette! 

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