Flute Q&A #23 with Jane

Flute Q&A #23: Fingers for F#

May 24, 2022

Here is Flute Q&A #23 - learn about slurs, phrasing, playing fast passages on the flute, and more!

In this Flute Q&A...

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Playing F# on the flute

- Eli asks: Does it matter whether one plays a low F# with the middle finger or the 3rd finger of the right hand?

Eli, The Ultimate Trill Guide is part of The Flute Academy which you can learn more about here. 

Slurs and phrase markings on flute music.

- Ron asks: I'm playing Fur Elise on the flute and having a hard time figuring out whether the notations covering multiple measures are slurs or phrase markings. Most comments on the internet seem to be somewhat vague concerning how to tell the difference. Help!

Ron (and anyone else who is keen to play Fur Elise on the flute) the link to the flutetunes music is here:

Playing fast passages on the flute

- Ashley asks: How do you play a really fast line on the flute?

Ashley, here is how to join The Flute Academy in case you're interested! 

The course Mental Tricks for Faster Fingers is part of the academy which is awesome for speeding up your fingers even further.

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