Flute Q&A #22

Flute Q&A #22: Open vs close holed flutes

May 02, 2022

In this latest Flute Q&A with Jane, you'll learn what you can do on an open-holed flute, what a bass flute is, how to get a clear sound on a bamboo flute, how to memorise your scales and more!

In this Flute Q&A...

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Open holed flutes

- Candi asks: What can a flautist do on an open-holed flute that cannot be achieved on a closed one?

Candi, the video called "How to play an open holed flute" is here

Memorising scales on the flute

- Lee asks: I received an email from Jane about how to memorise scales, now I can’t find it. Can you please send me the link?

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Playing bass flutes

- Sylke asks: Hi Jane, I only started to play the C flute four years ago and never played another one. So I'm wonderring, what's the difference to a Bass flute in playing, holding, etc.? Thanks for your great work!

Getting a clear sound on a bamboo flute

- Andrew Joel asks: I’ve been playing the bamboo flute for 5 months and sometimes I don’t get a clear sound for the high notes. I think it is mainly due to my embouchure being rather round (my upper lip comes forward).

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Winter flute playing!

- Lance asks: Hi Jane! What do you do to keep your lips from chapping during the winter? This seems to be affecting my tone and I am trying various lip balms. Suggestions would be most welcome. Thank you from Canada

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