Flute Q&A #20

Flute Q&A #20: Learning beginner flute as an adult

Mar 21, 2022

The 20th Flute Q&A is ready to watch! Learn about playing in the 3rd octave, changing between notes smoothly, and more!

In this Flute Q&A...

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Learning flute with zero experience

- Walter asks: Hi Jane, I have seen your youtube video about how to play before reading music. I am 60 yo and want to learn flute with absolutely no knowledge at all, you made me curious, do you think I have a chance to do that even if I am no longer a kid?

The video that Walter was talking about is called "The 3 big reasons to learn to play flute before learning to read music". The other video I mentioned for you Walter called "Is Learning the Flute Easier as a Child?".

Smooth change between notes C# and D

- Christer asks: I have trouble with doing fast, smooth changes between D and C#!

Christer, the Faster Finger module of The 45 Day Flute Transformation is part of The Flute Academy here

Improve 3rd octave on the flute

- Dianne asks: How can I improve my 3rd octave?

Dianne, the High Notes module in The 45 Day Flute Transformation is also part of The Flute Academy and you can read more about it here.

How to play the flute

- Kirsty asks: How do I play the flute please.

Here's the article for you called Top 10 Tips for Absolute Beginner Flute Players which will put you on the right track to start learning. Good luck!

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