The 3 easiest ways to improve your flute playing

The 3 easiest ways to improve your flute playing

May 11, 2021

Good morning!

I've just made you a short video to give you the 3 easiest (and fastest!) ways to improve your flute playing.

The 3 easiest ways to improve your flute playing

This mini-lesson today is GOLD if you want to quickly and easily improve your tone, your high notes, or your flute playing in general.

Watch the mini-lesson above for your 3 excellent tips on how to quickly improve your flute playing.

Jane x

Hey there. I'm going to show you today, the three easiest and fastest ways to improve your flute playing. So I'm going to show you the three easiest and fastest ways to improve your tone, your high notes and your general flute playing.

Faster flute progress through learning proper technique

So firstly, my name is Jane Cavanagh. I am a flute teacher. No surprises there probably also no surprises that I am Australian. I teach the flute professionally. And my favourite thing about teaching the flute is to teach people the fastest and easiest ways to improve their playing. And I do that by teaching proper technique.

So I teach you proper flute playing technique, which is amazing for accelerating how quickly you improve and how good you get.

Instantly improve your flute tone

Number one, Tone. The fastest way to improve your tone is to learn the three tweaks that I teach that instantly improve your tone. So instead of doing it in this video here, to keep this video sort of as an overview, I'm going to direct you to a free mini-course, go to And it shows you how to instantly improve your tone.

So basically, in a nutshell, it's going to take your tone from fluffy like this to a stronger like this.

Improving note lengths on the flute

Now the benefits to this are more than just sounding better when you improve your tone like that. Firstly, you improve your tone, but you also improve how long you can hold a note because you are refining your sound. You're wasting less air.

And that means that you actually have more air to play with and you also actually improve how easy it is to play your high notes when you improve your tone.

So more on that in the mini course, 

Proper technique for playing high notes on the flute

Okay, number two, the easiest and fastest way to improve your flute playing is by Improving your high notes and you do it by doing this, you learn the small embouchure tweak.It's a tiny little adjustment that you make that you may never have heard of that makes your high notes pop out with ease.

So for example, instead of having high notes, sound like this, which is loud and it's sharp and it uses lots of air. Doesn't sound very nice. It's loud. It's a bit raucous, I guess you'd say. So instead of that, you learn the tiny little embouchure tweak that means that you can play high notes softly with less air and they sound nice like this.

So that was a very, very gentle high, the technique that I teach you in, I'll tell you now the free mini-course  . The tweak that I teach you in there gets you on the path to be able to play higher notes much more easily.

The Flute Academy

And the third way to most easily and quickly improve your flute playing is to get access to something like The Complete Flute Players Troubleshooting Guide.

So this is a guide that I created for students just like you. It is the 41 most common flute playing problems. So you can see here that I've got a grid of 12 general problems.

And then if we click on one, let's say we click on breathing. You can see here that you can then follow the path and click on what is giving you grief with your breathing.

So you can do this for any of those initial 12 flute playing problems. And it leads you to a very short video with the exact cause and the exact solution.

So this troubleshooting guide is part of the five-day breakthrough. And if you would like to join me there, you can go and check it out at so that one's not free, but it is very, very inexpensive.

How to overcome flute frustration

Basically, the breakthrough teaches you how to overcome flute frustration. I call it, you know, when you're feeling like you just not getting as better as quickly as you think you should be or could be. And in the breakthrough we uncover the real way to accelerate your progress.

So that's the purpose of the breakthrough.

There you go. They are the three easiest and fastest ways to improve your flute playing. I'd love to see you in any of them or all of them. See you later.

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