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Learn how to break through "flute frustration" and uncover the real way to accelerate your progress!

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This Breakthrough is RIGHT for you, if you:

👍🏻 Struggle to improve at the flute as quickly as you'd like.

👍🏻 Sometimes feel overwhelmed or frustrated at your lack of progress.

👍🏻 Wonder what piece of information you "must be missing" when trying to improve your playing.

👍🏻 Are not sure how to practise effectively.

Meet your new flute tutor

Discover how she has helped hundreds of flute players around the world accelerate their progress, freeing them up to play the music they love with ease!

I'm Jane Cavanagh, a professional flute teacher and player in Sydney, Australia.

During the last 25 years of teaching flute players from beginners to university level music majors and beyond, I've developed a unique teaching method.

This highly strategic method is based around the power of proper flute technique, and how it leads to ongoing mini breakthroughs, quickly resulting in easier, more beautiful playing.

I'm so glad you're here, that you've found me...

Because this Breakthrough is my way of being able to teach you (possibly on the other side of the world!) the freedom that comes from knowing the real way to accelerate your progress.

Why did I create The 5 Day Breakthrough for you?

Honestly, it breaks my heart 💔 to see flute players stuck in "flute frustration".

You'll probably know what I mean by feeling stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed - especially if you've been trying to improve your flute playing by taking lessons or watching YouTube videos.

You know you've got it in you to be a better flute player, and you dream of playing certain music, but you just don't know what you're missing, right?

I get it.

So why does it break my heart? Because I know how simple it is to fix!

This Breakthrough is how I'll quickly get you literally breaking through your confusion and onto the path of understanding how to progress with skill and ease.

Here's how the Breakthrough works! ✨


What you'll learn:

⭐️ How the power of proper flute playing technique immediately puts you on the path to accelerated improvement.

⭐️ The 3 step process to fast-track your way to expressive, skilled playing.

How is proper technique so powerful?

Instant improvement comes from strategically learning the correct tiny adjustments to make to the way you play.

Learning this proper technique is so powerful because it has an immediate effect on how good you sound, and it feels effortless.


What you'll learn:

⭐️ How to solve your niggling flute playing issues that are stopping you from sounding amazing!

⭐️ You'll get lifetime access to The Complete Flute Player's Troubleshooting Guide.

How does the Troubleshooting Guide work?

This interactive guide literally helps you troubleshoot what is causing you difficulty in your flute playing.

Simply select what is troubling you then follow the path to any of the 41 common flute playing problems and watch a short video on how to fix it!


What you'll learn:

⭐️ How to avoid the mistake of thinking you need to practise for hours and hours to really improve.

⭐️ The 4 techniques that make 15 minutes of practice have the same effect as hours of your usual practice.

How practising "smarter not harder" will save you time.

If you've ever felt inklings of frustration, exhaustion or defeat, then it's highly likely you're practising the totally wrong way!

In contrast, practising the right thing, the right way, is an incredibly effective use of your time. And that means: much faster progress (with less effort!)


What you'll learn:

⭐️ We’ll debunk 5 commonly believed (and damaging!) flute playing myths.

⭐️ How, if you’re unaware of these myths, they can severely hinder your progress.

How myths damage your playing.

Myths are born out of lack of knowledge.

And they are perpetuated through many, many students (and teachers, believe it or not) believing that these myths are actually flute playing facts.

In other words, sometimes you think you’re doing something the right way, but you’re actually not - making flute playing life hard for yourself without even realising it.


What you'll learn:

⭐️ The actual secret to consistent, continuous improvement.

⭐️ How this intuitive learning technique results in not just progress, but sees your rate of improvement accelerate!

Bonus prizes!

The progress you will feel in your own playing during this Breakthrough will be reward in itself. But there's more...

 🎉 Included in Day 5 is how to enter yourself for the amazing monthly prizes (including a personalised review of your flute playing by Jane, which is pretty exciting for the winner because these reviews cannot even be purchased!)

 🎉 You can also win a $100 sheet music gift card (woohoo!), plus a fantastic book of flute music (printed and shipped to you in real life!).

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$47 USD

Experience 5 days with Jane to break through your frustration and uncover the real way to accelerate your progress!

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As a reward for completing the Breakthrough this month, you could win one of 3 prizes!
Personal review of flute playing


Personalised review of your playing by Jane

$100 sheet music voucher


$100 sheet music gift voucher

Flute book


Printed book of flute music

Real people. Real results.

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Jane's Guarantee

In this 5 Day Breakthrough, you are going to learn techniques and mindsets that will guarantee your future progress.

Quite simply, if you don't feel like you get the breakthrough you wanted, just let me know within 14 days of your purchase, and I will happily refund you 100%.

That's how much confidence I have in the Breakthrough's method!

Join the Breakthrough now!

$47 USD

Experience 5 days with Jane to break through your frustration and uncover the real way to accelerate your progress!

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Join the Breakthrough now!

$47 USD

Experience 5 days with Jane to break through your frustration and uncover the real way to accelerate your progress!

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