Disney Songs played on flute PART 3

Disney Songs played on flute PART 3

Apr 30, 2024

Can you guess even more Disney songs played on the flute! This is part three of our series on wonderful Disney tunes being played on the flute.

Disney Songs played on flute PART 3

Welcome to this Guess the Tune. This is Guess the Disney Tune, part three. So I've got four Disney melodies for you, and I want to see if you know what they are. I'll tell you why we're doing so many Disney melodies in just a minute, and I will also teach you how to get a clearer tone, stronger tone very quickly.

Disney flute melodies

Here we go. Number one. Do you know this melody?

A clue, which is not really a clue, is that I went to see the stage production of this in Sydney a few weeks ago, and I went with my assistant flute teacher in the Flute Academy.

Now, my assistant flute teacher, Rachel, she loves Disney, and I asked her to choose some pieces for these guess the melody videos, and she came up with not one Disney video, but three.

Part three of Disney flute tunes

So this is part three of the Disney melody series.

Okay. Piece number two. Do you know what this one is? Now, the description for how to play this, the tempo marking is pop ballad, so that might give you a clue.

The composer of that piece is a master at writing pop ballad tunes.

Free flute tiny course

Number three. Alright, so if you would like to very quickly, pretty much instantly get a stronger sound on the flute, join me at and I'll show you for free in a tiny course how to instantly get a stronger sound on the flute.

My name is Jane Cavanagh. I teach in the Flute Academy. That's where Rachel is my assistant flute teacher. And it's where, if you are beyond the tiny course, if you've done it and you've gone, yep, I know how to get a clearer sound on my flute.

The Flute Academy

Now teach me more of these tweaks to your technique that get instant progress or faster progress. I call it faster progress through learning proper flute technique.

Join me in the Flute Academy so you can find out more at And you can find out about the Flute Academy there to learn more.

Piece Number four, a very short intro. See if you know it just from this intro. A lovely little Caribbean tune kind of gives you a clue because the character that sings this song has a bit of a Caribbean influence to the character.

Improve flute tone

Well, don't forget to join me at if you'd like to learn for free how to instantly get a stronger tone. I'll see you in the next guess the tune, or I'll see you in the tiny course, or I'll see you in the Flute Academy if you're a student there already. Bye.


Here are the answers! The pieces in this video are:

1. Beauty and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast
2. Can you feel the Love Tonight from The Lion King
3. Colours of the Wind from Pocahontas
4. Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid

How many did you get right?

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