Disney Songs played on flute PART 2

Disney Songs played on flute PART 2

Mar 12, 2024

Can you guess these 4 Disney songs played on the flute? 

Disney Songs played on flute PART 2

There are so many wonderful Disney melodies that sound great on the flute, that there'll be more "Guess the Disney songs" video coming out soon.

Jane Cavanagh

Welcome to Guess the Flute tune with me. I'm Jane Cavanagh. This is the Disney Edition part two, because there's so many amazing Disney tunes that work beautifully on the flute.

So my name is Jane. I'm a flute teacher. I love teaching people the tweaks of proper technique that get you instant progress, instant improvement.

Disney flute songs

So here is Number one Disney song. This is from a Disney movie. I want to see if you know the name of the song or the name of the movie, put it in the YouTube comments below.

Or if you're on the blog watching this video, after you've guessed, scroll to the bottom and there's the answers for you. This is such beautiful music. The actual song that this is, you know, with the rest of the accompaniment and the rest of the orchestra is one of my favourite styles of music. This old style. So beautiful.

Okay, now less old. Here we go. A classic Disney melody. Do you know what this is?

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If you're playing this yourself or a melody like this, and you think, oh my gosh, how do I even get through these phrases that feel so long, I have a solution for you. Join me for free in a mini course. It shows you how to instantly get a stronger sound on the flute.

And the good thing, the by product of that is that you can play longer phrases. When you get a clearer sound, it means you're not wasting air and you get instantly longer phrases.

So join me there for free. I show you the three tweaks to your playing to embouchure. 

Number three, tune. I played this at a friend's wedding. It's such a beautiful, beautiful melody that has been turned into a jazz standard.

If you know what that is, put it in the YouTube comments below, and I'll let you know if you are correct. If you're on the blog, just scroll down and you can see it there.

Disney flute music fan

I wanted to do a shout out to Rachel, who is my assistant flute teacher in the Flute Academy. She chose these Disney pieces for this video. She's a massive Disney fan, and I can see why these songs or tunes suit the flute so much.

The Flute Academy

So Rachel helps me in the Flute Academy teaching people the tweaks of proper technique so that they get faster progress. So if you're interested in having a look at the Flute Academy, come along You can see what you will learn there.

Beautiful flute melody

Number four, do you know this melody or do you know the movie. Such a beautiful melody. If you've ever googled it on YouTube or YouTubed it, have a look at the video of Mandy Moore singing this. She's spectacular. Totally amazing singer. I would love to be able to sing like that.

Improve flute tone

So if you would like to play the flute so that it feels like singing and you can express yourself with a clear sound and lots of air so that you play with long phrases, you can join me for free,, and I'll show you in the free tiny course there how to instantly get a stronger sound, which instantly gets you longer phrases. See you there.

Here are the answers! The pieces in this video are:

1. A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes from Cinderella
2. A Whole New World from Aladdin
3. Some Day My Prince Will Come from Snow White
4. I See the Light from Tangled

How many did you get right?

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