Disney Songs played on flute PART 1

Disney Songs played on flute PART 1

Feb 27, 2024

Can you guess these 4 Disney songs played on the flute? There are so many wonderful Disney melodies that sound great on the flute, that this is only part 1! 

Disney Songs played on flute PART 1

Welcome to Guess the melody. This is a Disney episode, so I wanna see if you know these melodies from four Disney songs and these melodies suit the flute really beautifully.

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So my name is Jane Cavanagh. I'm a flute teacher. I love teaching people in the Flute Academy how to get instantly quicker progress. So an instantly clearer sound, instantly easier, high notes, instantly faster fingers by learning proper technique, the tweaks of proper technique.

So speaking of the Flute Academy, my assistant Rachel in the Flute Academy, she's my assistant flute teacher. She did the research for this video, and she clearly loves Disney because she didn't come up with one Disney video for you to guess the tunes for. She came up with multiple.

Disney flute tunes

So this is part one. Here are four Disney tunes. They all sound beautiful on the flute. And I wanna see if you know the name of the song and the movie that it came from. If you're on YouTube type the comments below if you know.

If you're on the blog, once you have worked out what you think they are, scroll down to the bottom of the blog and we'll have the answers for you there. But don't do that until you guess.

Okay, here is number one. Very beautiful on the flute.

Old Disney flute tunes

The crazy thing about these pieces in this video is that they're so much older than I realized. This movie is from 1959. I can't believe it. So that's the oldest one.

The next oldest one is number two. This is from 1964. I'm sure you'll know this. I actually remember this from my childhood watching this old movie when I was a kid. Oops,  I just played it wrong. Never mind that.

Do you know that? Short and sweet from 1964.

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Number three, this one is from 1967, which I googled the bejesus out of because I can't believe this movie is so old. I thought it was from the nineties. I think there's a remake in the nineties, but this one is 1967.

Do you know that? I've never actually seen the movie but I know that song and you might too.

Fourth Disney flute tune

Okay, and the fourth and final one. So if you're on YouTube let us know in the comments below and I'll let you know if you are correct. If you are on the Flute Academy blog and you've already guessed, scroll down to the bottom and we'll let you know if you're right.

Okay, this one is actually two pages.

The Flute Academy

I love that. That's from 1989, so I do remember that one as a kid. So don't forget, if you want to instantly get a clearer sound on your flute, join me at flute school. I should say

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Here are the answers! The pieces in this video are:

1. Once upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty
2. Chim Chim Cher-ee from Mary Poppins
3. The Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book
4. Part of your world from The Little Mermaid

How many did you get right?

If you're super clever, you might have also noticed that the melody of Once Upon a Dream is based on the "Grande valse villageoise" (nicknamed "The Garland Waltz"), from the 1890 ballet The Sleeping Beauty by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

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