YOU have inspired me to create a new program

YOU have inspired me to create a new program!

Apr 13, 2019

This week's post comes to you from my little holiday in the outrageously sunny Southern California.

YOU have inspired me to create a new program!

I am constantly INSPIRED by the emails I get from people just like you!

They tell me how they've started to improve at the flute. Sometimes it's a dramatic step forward for them, and sometimes it's a little step forward in their playing that they never thought would be possible for them!

It's quite amazing. I honestly didn't realise the IMPACT that The Flute Teacher's School would have on flute players when I began the business 2 years ago.

In a nutshell, I couldn't be happier with your progress.

Except for one thing...

I don't offer Skype lessons. I just don't have the time. And I am asked about giving these lessons a LOT!

Transforming your flute playing

So I am in the middle of creating a new program called The Academy.

If you like the idea of transforming your flute playing in 6 weeks, with personalised coaching from me, then you're probably going to like The Academy!

And if you're one of my amazing students who has already bought a course from The Flute Teacher's School, you'll love it even more: YOU will be getting a good discount on the program.

To see why I decided to create The Academy, and for a "Hello!" from my Airbnb in LA, watch the 3 minute video here.

Jane xx

The Flute Academy

I wanted to say hi from sunny California, I'm here for two weeks. It's beautiful. A short holiday. It's just so sunny and lovely. And I wanted to tell you about something exciting that I've been creating for the whole of this year. And it's gonna be out in a few months, it's called the Academy and it was inspired by the number of people that email me that say, please can I have Skype lessons with you? And I love honestly doing Skype lessons with people, but I just actually don't have time to do the number of people that ask me.

Online flute lessons

So what I've done is started creating this program called the Academy, The Flute Teacher School Academy. And it's going to involve video, so not live video, but video back and forward between as many people as possible. However, there will be a limit to how many people I can take.

Inspirational flute quotes

I'm thinking maybe I can take 10 people to start with. And I wanna tell you the reason I'm talking to you now is because I wanted to tell you what inspired the Academy. So I've got a couple of quotes to read to you. Well, firstly, I did not think this through. I don't have my glasses on, so I need to actually do a bit of a balancing act to read the little quotes from people that are on my computer and hold the microphone and hold the camera. Now that takes three hands, but I'm managing to do it with two.

Proper flute techniques

Check out this one. I love it. Hello, Jane. Thanks so much. I think the universe has found me the right teacher. I was practising for an hour practically every day. And even my partner could not hear any improvement. I now sound better and I've stopped going to my actual flute lessons. I don't want you to stop going to flute lessons. It's not why I'm teaching you. You can keep going if you want. Then she said, I think the angels sent you. You've answered pretty much all my questions. It's so amazing. I think the angels sent you. Okay, listen to the next one.

Flute embouchure

Now this quote isn't a recent quote, but it's one of my favourites ever. After I completed your first set of lessons on embouchure last night, my husband came in after I finished playing and said, what on earth did you do? You are playing so much better. Thank you so much for being there Jane and being online and being such a great teacher. That's so nice.

Learning the flute

Okay. One more. Okay. This one says I am learning more from you than I have in the decades since I first started playing the flute followed by about 10 exclamation marks. I'm playing this weekend to accompany a handbell choir, and I've been having a tough time with one of the pieces and you are helping immensely. That's so lovely.

The Flute Academy

So a lot of people ask for Skype lessons and this Academy is coming up and I wanna tell you something, and this is exciting. If you already bought one of the Flute Teacher School courses, whatever you have spent with me ever, whatever you've ever paid me, I will give you that as a credit towards the Academy if you want to join up.

Now, when the academy comes out in a few months, if you wanna buy it, let me know and I will send you a personal code or coupon code for the amount that you've spent with me. And you will get that as a credit towards the Academy. That's it from me in lovely, lovely California. Hello to everyone who lives in the US. I'm now in your time zone or close to your time zone. See you next week.

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