Top Flute Tip #6 for absolute beginner flute players

Top Flute Tip #6 for absolute beginner flute players

Aug 02, 2022

Top Flute Tip #6 for absolute beginner flute players

Today we are continuing the series of Top 10 Tips for Absolute Beginner Flute Players!

These tips in this article (that I wrote for the fantastic music app called Tomplay) are actually not just for beginner flute players...

The tips are helpful for any flutist, of any level, who wants to sound better on the flute by learning the little tweaks of proper technique!

TIP #6. Learn how to hold the flute correctly

In the previous tip, a few weeks ago, you learnt about correct body posture when playing the flute. Now it’s time to teach you about correct hand position.

In other words, how to hold the flute correctly!

Correctly hand position for flutists

Holding the flute correctly - placing the weight of the flute on the correct part of your hands and positioning the flute so that it is balanced properly, does absolute wonders for finger speed!

If you're a beginner, you might be thinking “Finger speed? I’m nowhere near ready for that!” but learning this good hand position early on will allow you to have speedy finger technique later on.

And that means you’ll be able to play fast, virtuosic pieces!

If you're more advanced with your playing, it's worth looking carefully at your hand position (like in the hand position module of The 45 Day Flute Transformation here) to see if a slight adjustment will free up your fingers to move more quickly.

(Spoiler alert - nearly every adult flute player that I've ever taught has freed up their fingers by adjusting their hand position!)

Left vs right handed-ness

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it doesn’t matter if you are left or right-handed. Playing the flute does not favour one hand over the other, so if you’re left-handed you don’t need a “left-handed flute”!

They actually don’t even exist! (Well, a few left-handed flutes have been made in the world, but it’s mostly for curiosity and novelty). 

Stand by for Top Flute Tip #7!

Soon, I'll send you Tip #7 about why it's so important to learn the correct flute fingerings right from the start and how it makes your flute playing life so much easier later on!

Until next week, have a wonderful week of flute playing!

Jane x

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