Top flute tip #1

Tip #1 for absolute beginner flute players

Mar 03, 2022

Top flute tip #1 for absolute beginner flute players

I've got something kinda cool to share with you today...

Firstly though, I just want to say that it's always so wonderful to hear from flute players like you from all over the world. Sometimes it's by email, or a YouTube comment, or a curious mind submitting a Flute Q&A question!

And of course, it makes me a proud teacher to hear the Flute Academy students in their own corner of the world, make their mini-breakthroughs, and see them so satisfied with their progress!

Ok, here we go...

Are you a beginner flute player?

Last month, I was asked to write a comprehensive blog post called Top 10 Tips for Absolute Beginner Flute Players for the online sheet music website called Tomplay.

You might have heard of them - I initially saw a Facebook ad of them last year sometime, and have since had some Zoom conversations with them. The interactive sheet music set up is impressive, and the Tomplay team are just absolutely lovely!

So I wrote them a blog post to help out their beginner flute students. (And they translated it into 5 languages!!)

If you are a fairly beginner flute player, I want to pass on the Top 10 Tips to you too, because it's really quite sage advice...

If you're not a beginner anymore

Today's #1 tip is well worth considering even if you're no longer a beginner, because it's what drives your motivation, and keeps you engaged long-term, which you'll probably agree, is important!

So here we go with the first tip, which will help you get in the right long-term brain space to become a successful flute student...

(You can read all of the 10 tips here if you feel like a good read, but I'm going to take you through the tips one at a time over the coming weeks.)


The very first thing to do when you’re about to start learning the flute is to think about why you want to learn.

When you know what it is that is lighting you up inside, it is so much easier to find the right teacher, progress quickly, and stay motivated!

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about what your true motivation for wanting to learn the flute is…

To play your favourite songs on the flute

Do you want to be able to play your favourite tunes on the flute, and be able to express yourself by playing music that you love?

If this is the case, I’d suggest you start by writing down all the songs or pieces that you’d like to be able to play one day.

And don’t hold back on listing what tunes inspire you!

Think about songs that you find yourself humming around the house, your favourite classical music pieces, or songs from your childhood. Chat to friends and family about their favourite melodies, and it will probably spark some ideas of your own!

To play the flute socially

Maybe you’re someone who wants to learn how to play the flute so that you can play it in a social setting, for example in a community band or orchestra, in your church, or with friends in the comfort of your own home.

If this is you, that’s wonderful.

Music is a fantastic way to make friends, feel part of a group, and just spend time together with people you like, all while doing something you enjoy together!

Do a bit of research into what local music groups are near where you live. Do a Google search on “community bands”, or “music groups” in your town or city and see what comes up. You might be surprised by the choice of potential groups in your area that you never knew existed!

If you are a total beginner, you’ll need some time to learn the flute before joining a musical ensemble, so keep reading this article for tips on how to start learning the flute!

Play the flute as a hobby

Maybe you’re someone who wants to learn the flute as a hobby - a skill to learn and keep you busy if you live alone, or a way of getting time to yourself if you live with others and need some ‘you’ time - that is a great idea!

Learning a musical instrument is an excellent activity for keeping your mind active and your brain engaged - especially as you get older.

Even though flute practice is something that you need to do by yourself (to really be able to concentrate on what you’re doing), as we mentioned above, playing the flute is a great way to stay social by regularly playing in musical groups.

Stand by for TOP FLUTE TIP #2!

So there you go - an important first step as a flute player because it means you'll understand how to stay motivated in the long term.

Even if you've been playing a while, have a re-think of what music you're learning, and whether it's aligned with where you eventually want to be playing your flute!

I'll follow this up with Tip #2 in a coming blog post and email for you.

Till next week, have a wonderful week of flute playing!

Jane x

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