Should I have private flute lessons

Flute Q&A #26: Should I have private flute lessons?

Jul 05, 2022

In Flute Q&A #26, Renee is keen to know if she should have real-life flute lessons from a flute teacher as well as joining The Flute Academy. My answer is "absolutely!" - find out why it's such an emphatic yes in this short video.

Should I have private flute lessons?

Renee, you can find out more about The Flute Academy here

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Welcome to Flute Q and A #26. This question comes from Renee and Renee asks to advance in flute playing meaning gradually playing harder pieces. Is the flute academy sufficient, or should I also continue private lessons?

That is such a good question, Renee. I'm going to answer that in just one second.

Firstly, a note about these Q and A's. Did you notice that it's only one question per less per video now? This is really good. I am loving this new format because I know how much easier it is to digest. Just one thing in a video.

Proper flute playing technique helps you improve!

So my name is Jane Cavanagh. I'm a flute teacher. I live in Sydney in Australia, and I love teaching people proper flute playing technique, not just saying you need to practice more, but actually teaching you the exact technique that makes playing a lot easier and obviously sound a lot better as well.

Private flute lessons

So your question Renee has a good answer. What, I think is a good answer. Renee. If you have the option of learning in real life with a really good teacher, go for it. No question about it.

If you are in the position of having a really good teacher that is accessible for you, you know, you can get to them, you can have regular lessons, you can afford it. It's the best option for you. I highly recommend it.

Students in The Flute Academy

Some of the students in the flute academy have their own private teacher as well as being in the Flute Academy. And then a lot of people in the Flute Academy don't have the access to a flute teacher or choose not to.

A lot of people in the Flute Academy actually prefer to learn the way that they can learn in the Flute Academy, which is courses that's step by step courses of teaching you proper technique.

Real life flute teachers

Now, when you were talking about Renee about learning harder and harder pieces, in the academy you learn new piece every month, varying levels. Sometimes they're easy. Sometimes they're medium. Sometimes they're hard. Sometimes they're really hard. And of course you don't have to be able to do all of them. It's just to cater to different levels.

So see how you go, grab yourself a real life flute teacher. If you've got one, especially if they're good.  Feel free to come and join the Flute Academy as well. I'll put a link below this. It's I'd love to see you there and good luck with your real life flute lessons as well if you start them. See you later.

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