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How to quickly improve your tone

How to quickly improve your tone (free for the next couple of weeks!)

Aug 06, 2019

Hey there!

Are you one of my students who has done the 5 DAY FREE COURSE to improve your tone?

How to quickly improve your tone (free for the next couple of weeks!)

Well, I have good and bad news...

The bad news: This free course is disappearing soon!

But it's not really bad news, because it will be replaced by an excellent free MASTERCLASS teaching you how to quickly improve your tone, and how to play high notes with ease.

(I'll let you know when you can join in on a masterclass in a couple of weeks.)

In the meantime, you can still get your hands on the free course!

I show you how in this 2 minute video that I recording for you (with a backdrop of the amazing way I walk to work alongside Sydney Harbour!)

See you in the free course (but get in quick!!)

Jane xx

How to quickly improve your tone on the flute

I'm on my way to teach a few students at a school in Sydney. So I thought I'd quickly record this video about two things. Number one is what the free masterclasses are that I've been talking about and what's in them. And number two, how to get in on the free course, which is called How to Quickly Improve Your Tone on the Flute while it still exists. It's only around for another few weeks.

Masterclass for the flute

So the masterclasses, they're going to be replacing the free course that's there at the moment. There's a few differences, it's going to be live so I'm going to teach you about quickly getting a clearer sound on the flute live. So it's like the content in the free course, but it's also got something in it that the free course doesn't have. And it's talking about how to make your high notes easier to play a nicer sounding. 

The Flute Academy

The masterclass, where I'm also going to tell you a bit about the Academy, which is the program that I've been creating for the last few months. I'm pretty excited about it. And if you're interested in learning more than just what you have been learning in the free courses and free videos from me, I'm pretty sure you're gonna be excited too.

Free flute mini course

So number two is how to still get the free course, How to Quickly Improve Your Tone on the Flute while it still exists. It's going to be replaced by the master classes in the next few weeks. So if you want to do it and you haven't already, or if you wanna do it again, you can get your five days to access at And you'll be sent a password to do that five-day course. If you've already done it, you won't get sent your password again, by the way. So if you've forgotten your password, go to and click forgot password, and you'll be sent a new password.

Free flute class

So I'm going to continue on my way. I've got a flute case here, some notes, no free hands and my arms getting sore. So I'm gonna keep walking to my students and I will update you about the masterclasses as they become available. I'll keep you updated. Go do the free course if you want to do it while you still got the chance and I'll talk to you soon.

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