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How to know you're practicing the RIGHT things on the flute

How to know you're practicing the RIGHT things on the flute

Oct 21, 2019

Have you heard the phrase "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step"?

How to know you're practicing the RIGHT things on the flute

Well, in this 5 minute video, I explain how that is excellent advice, but what if you're going in the WRONG DIRECTION and you don't know it?

Have a listen how I explain how to KNOW you're going in the RIGHT DIRECTION when learning how to improve your flute playing.

Can't wait to see you there!

Jane xx

Path to success on the flute

I'm going to show you in this video, how to know that you are on the right path to success, basically, how to guarantee your success at playing the flute well. 

Flute School

So I'm Jane Cavanagh and my business called the Flute Teacher School because I am a flute teacher shows people like you, how to learn the absolute fundamentals of playing the flute so that you improve really quickly. That's what I love doing. I love seeing people get really good really quickly.

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So speaking of that, stay to the end of this video, and I'm going to show you how to quickly improve your tone on the flute, but for now back to the way to guarantee that you are going to be a success at playing the music that you want to play in the way that you wanna be able to play it. So you've probably heard the phrase, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, right?

Progress in your flute playing

That's all good and well, that's great advice, except what if you're not going in the right direction? What I mean is you need to know the steps that you're taking on that journey of a thousand miles or kilometres. You need to know that those steps are going in the right direction. So how do you know the right steps? Because you feel progress and how are you gonna get that?

You need to have a teacher. It doesn't have to be me, but whoever you're learning from it needs to be so that you can feel your progress instead of just doing things that you are supposed to be practising, you need to be able to feel that you're going in the right direction. Feel a tiny bit of progress every time you play, or every time you learn a new technique.

This is profound advice. Like if you can take this advice and run with it so that you are taking small steps of progress, rather than wanting to eat the whole elephant at once, gee, I'm full of  -  What are they called? I'm full of metaphors today.

Journey of learning the flute

The reason that I'm so emphatic about this, I am a classic case of wanting to eat the whole elephant at once. And I think that's the reason that I started teaching online because I was forced to break up the whole elephant into bite-size chunks. Let's get rid of the elephant, go back to the journey of learning the flute. I was forced to understand how to learn and how to teach in small bite-size pieces.

Micro-improvements on the flute

So the way I teach is exactly as I've just described. And you might think, oh yeah, that's very well. But you know, if you Jane wanna play with a clear sound, you just pick up the flute and play with a clear sound. But I understand the journey of going from this step by step to this.

One step at a time on the flute

And I know the pieces of the puzzle that are involved in getting there. And I wanna prove to you that I know how you feel. I learn gymnastics. I take gymnastics classes, beginner sort of beginner classes for adults. And I sometimes suffer from overwhelm. I sometimes think, oh my God, I am so far from being able to do a front hand spring on the floor, like so far, that's how I feel. But my amazing coach, Carl also knows this strategy, this philosophy, this technique of teaching of one step at a time, but they have to be the right steps.

And you have to teach the student in the right order and only one or two steps at a time. They need to see where they're going, but they need to only concentrate on one or two steps. And then they just keep stepping along that path and voila before you know it, which has not happened yet, for me, I will let you know when I can do a front handspring on the floor, so you’ll step towards playing the flute how you want to be able to play it, is one step at a time.

Free flute mini course 

So let me tell you about improving your tone. One step at a time, come and join me at And I'm gonna tell you three little steps to getting your tone instantly clearer. So hopefully see you there. See you there. Bye.

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