Playing the Flute With Invisalign Braces

Jul 26, 2015

Ever since I was 18, I thought my teeth were a bit crooked and I wanted to have them straightened. The only problem was I was about to continue my flute studies at university level and I couldn't have 2 years of not being able to play properly because of a mouth full of metal braces! My my things then started changing in the world of teeth straightening technology. When I was in my late 20s, I watched with interest the development of removable clear plastic braces called Invisalign. But I thought they would be too expensive and didn't really trust that they worked. I also didn't know if I'd even be able to play the flute with Invisalign braces. When I turned 36, I had an epiphany. I had more money than I had in my 20s, I had been unwell for a while, I was leaving a job I didn't love - it was time for a change - time to do something outrageous! I booked in for a consultation with a recommended orthodontist and got myself set up with Invisalign. Playing the flute with these "braces" was easy. I'd pop out the aligners before playing, do my rehearsal, concert or teach my students, then click them back in when I was done. There was zero interference with my flute playing. And less than a year later, I had a great new smile which I loved! If you are a flute player (or play any instrument for that matter), I totally would recommend Invisalign. They were so non invasive, not painful at all, and now I have a great smile! Just ask around for a recommended orthodontist - because there are skilled and experienced ones who do a better (and quicker) job than less experienced orthos. These photos of me are taken at the half way mark of my 12 month treatment - so part way to being a super straight smile! But you can see that while holidaying in Hawai'i that I wasn't the least bit bothered about smiling for the camera with my Invisalign in! Here's to a great smile and simultaneous great flute playing!

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