A Fig For a Kiss on flute

A Fig For a Kiss played on flute

Jul 19, 2021

Here's a great little Scottish tune called A Fig For a Kiss.

One of my favourite flute pieces to teach

It's one of my favourites to teach my flute students because it's easy enough to do slowly if needed, yet complex enough to get more advanced students to play it with ornaments, up the octave, and fast!

> Download the sheet music for this song for free here: 

Traditional Scottish melody on the flute

This is called a Fig for a Kiss. It's a traditional Scottish melody. Welcome to flute school with me. I'm Jane Cavanagh. After I played this piece for you to help you learn it, I'm going to give you a teaching tip at the end to make it sound more authentic and just more impressive.

Let's add some flute ornamentation

So it sounds pretty cute the way it is. It's a great little piece, but I'm going to add some ornamentation. So this is your little tip to make it sound more impressive. See if you can spot the notes that I put a little, I call it a Twiddle. That's not the official term. It's a short trill.

So did you figure out the notes where I put the extra little ornamentation?

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