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Is it possible to learn the flute online

Is it possible to learn the flute online?

Sep 03, 2019

Three years ago, I realised I needed an answer to a BIG QUESTION before I could even consider starting to teach the flute on the internet.

Is it possible to learn the flute online?

And it was the basic, but serious: "Can someone learn the flute online effectively?"

So, in a nutshell, I tried it out and got some pretty startling results. To be honest, I got feedback that I could only have dreamed of.

In this video, I read you what I wrote down about the experience, and what I discovered. It wasn't really what I expected...

Jane xx

Learning flute online

Does learning the flute online work? That is a question that I want to address in this video because I did all of my own flute training with in-person teachers in Sydney, in Paris, master classes around Europe and in Australia with brilliant teachers. There wasn't the option to do anything online. So this is all I knew. And a lot of people are in the same boat. We grew up in an age before the internet.

Does online teaching really work?

So could this actually work? Can you learn from a teacher online like this in a video when there's no feedback, I can't see what you, the student is doing and you can't get direct feedback from me. It's a question I had a few years ago, so I tried it out and this is what I discovered. I wanted to write this into a blog post because I'm better at writing, but I've decided to read it to you because you'll see what I mean.

Know proper flute techniques

Okay. This is what I learned. To be able to teach via video, I needed to be extremely clear on every tiny part of the technique that I'm teaching. For example, how to play high notes, easily, softly and all around just nicer. I needed to be able to pull apart, the high note technique, know it back to front, know the mechanics of it, how it works and why it works.

Flute School

When I realized that I can do that, when I can pull something apart, taking a normally difficult concept and breaking it up into smaller, doable steps, it meant I knew I had to start the Flute Teachers School. So then how did I know that it was working for my online students? 

Clear understanding of flute techniques

Simply the feedback. I actually now get emails every day of unbelievable stories of people that couldn't do something on the flute. watched a five-minute video in the program and in their words, it changed their life.

I was actually really surprised at how much gratitude these students had towards the videos in the program. But when you love playing the flute and learning the right technique gives you the freedom to play and express yourself in your music, it actually is a life changing thing. So as soon as this started to happen and kept happening, it became my driver and my inspiration for building the Flute Teacher School into what it is today.

Feedback on improvements in flute playing

It's the whole reason I do this business is because of this kind of feedback I get. This is cute. For example, I got a little YouTube comment a couple of days ago, and it said, Thank you, OMG! I can actually do the high notes. I'm going to cry.  Like I laugh, but it is so, so sweet. So heartfelt and so important for me to know the impact that it makes on people.

Fundamental techniques of flute playing

Despite all the positive feedback. I still had a question. Why were the same techniques in the program working so well for my students of all abilities from beginners to very advanced players, why were they all getting results? And it's because there are fundamental techniques of flute playing. They're the basis of playing well and so many flute players miss this in their learning. Sometimes their teacher didn't know it or didn't know how to teach it. And then some people are self taught.

Online flute lessons work

So back to the question, can you actually learn the flute online effectively? My answer is a resounding Yes. If I were you though, I definitely wouldn't turn down in person lessons from a really great flute teacher. It's how I did all of my training. Along with most musicians, we all grew up in an age before the internet.

However, I'd also say to you, make up your own mind about whether you can improve your flute, playing dramatically online. Try it out and see what happens. I'm running a free online masterclass soon to show players like you how to instantly improve their tone when they play. I don't need to read this bit.

Free flute mini course

So I invite you to come along and try out this masterclass and see what it does for you. You've got nothing to lose and grab your spot at And I'll see you there. Come and decide for yourself whether learning online works. Like I said, nothing to lose and only a great tone, a clearer tone to gain. See ya.

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