Instant Fix #2: How to STOP NECK PAIN

Feb 18, 2019

I often get adult flute players tell me that they get neck pain when they play the flute.

Do you?

What about arm, hand or back pain? If so, listen up, because this will help you too...

There are 5 major causes of neck pain when playing. And they are simpler to understand (and fix) than you might think.

You may have heard teachers say "You just need to relax more when you play". Which might be true... But relax what? And how?!

I have some answers for you. Practical things that you can implement right away. (And feel LESS PAIN right away!)

Watch the 5 minute video here called Instant Fix #2: How to Stop Neck Pain and learn those 5 causes.

What do YOU do that you think causes you NECK PAIN?

Tell me in the comments below...


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