8 ways to make yourself WANT to practice the flute in lockdown!

Apr 13, 2020

I'm not really big into going for a regular evening walk. But as it turns out, with limited exercise options in this time of lockdown, it's really all I've got!

So, last night on one of my "regular evening strolls", within 2 minutes of leaving home, I'd passed someone practicing the piano accordion in their garage!

Then 5 minutes later I heard a pretty darn great piano player in their home practicing away.

Then before I got home, I heard a beginner kid practicing their tuba, high up in an apartment!


I've never heard three musicians all in one walk before!

Then it occurred to me: Hearing people practice their instruments in my neighbourhood gives me such a sense of community.

And that is what's so needed at this time of being socially distanced from one another.

So in today's mini-lesson, I teach you how to be a super sleuth and find the way to practice the flute that makes you want to play every day!

Included are 8 examples that you can choose from to help entice you to pick up the flute and come out the other side of this lockdown as a better flute player than you were when you went into hibernation!

Jane xx

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