How to instantly get a GREAT SOUND on the flute (PART 1)

Jul 19, 2016

Not sure on the correct flute embouchure?

In PART 1, I show you how to set yourself up with the correct flute embouchure so that you get a GREAT SOUND on the flute - first go!

When you know how to set up your embouchure correctly, you'll be set for life. You'll never need to try and "fix" your embouchure again, because it's perfect from the start. 

"Proper flute technique, explained clearly, is like a magical quick fix!"

Faster Progress Through Proper Technique ™

Learn how making the right tiny adjustments to your flute playing accelerates your progress.

Come and join Jane in The Flute Academy to transform your flute playing - one clever tweak at a time!

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