How to Teach the Flute Embouchure (Pt 1)

Jul 19, 2016

Not confident teaching a beginner student how to blow the flute properly?

Let me tell you it's as easy as just knowing how. Everything's easy once you know how, right?!

In this 2 part video, I show you exactly the steps to take to have a beginner playing with the correct embouchure, a good tone, and proper use of air.

"Quick fix through proper technique"

That's my new catch-phrase, and I freaking love it. 

When you know how to set up a student's embouchure correctly, they'll be set for the rest of their lessons with you. You'll never need to try and "fix" their embouchure again, because it's perfect from the start.

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Proper flute technique, explained clearly, is like a magical quick fix!


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