How to know if a flute teacher is any good

How to know if a flute teacher is any good

May 24, 2021

Okay. So I always asked this question during the week. How do I know if a flute teacher is any good?

And I thought that you would probably like to know the answer to this as well, because there's a very specific way to know if a flute tutor or a flute teacher is actually good and they know what they're talking about.

How to know if a flute teacher is any good

So firstly, when you're looking for a flute teacher, whether that's in real life or an online flute teacher, there's a first step that I would always go for. And that is going with a recommendation.

Recommendations for a flute teacher

A recommendation from someone who you know, likes their flute teacher or an online recommendation, say it's in a flute forum or a flute society, a Facebook group. A suggestion of a teacher is always a really good start.

The next thing after that is if you keep hearing the same recommendation for the same teacher over and over again, this is a really good sign.

Is a flute teacher any good?

Now the one sure way to know that a flute teacher either in real life or online is good for you is this, you notice yourself improve when you're learning with them.

Now your improvement could be something like your fingers feel lighter and freer and they can move quicker. Or you might notice that your tone has improved or you might notice that you can now get through longer phrases.

These are all good signals that you're onto a good thing with the teacher that you've chosen. Another way that you might've improved if you've chosen the right teacher, is that you can understand concepts of the flute better. So you understand what you're trying to achieve. You understand why your sounds improved. You understand why you can get through longer phrases.

That understanding is really, really good for improvement because it means that you can self-improve beyond what you do with the teacher.

Is a flute teacher good for you?

And the final way that you might have improved if you've chosen the right teacher or a teacher that is good for you is your level of enthusiasm. So if you find it kind of more enticing to practice, this is great because practice is a really good thing. It gets you a long way.

Of course, practice is not the only thing that will get you far. It's understanding concepts of techniques.

Faster flute progress through learning proper technique

The way that I teach, it's faster progress through proper technique. That's how I teach. I teach people so that they understand the technique that they're doing.

So like I said, they know why their sound is improved so that they can do it more. They know why they can get through longer phrases so that they can get through even longer phrases. Why their fingers feel faster so that they can keep improving.

That's what proper technique will do for you. And that's why I teach like that because it's so effective.

Now I didn't mention that my name is Jane. My name is Jane Cavanagh, and I'm a flute teacher and I love being a flute teacher. I love teaching proper technique because it's the kind of thing that gets my students such fast results. And I love it. I love seeing people improve that fast.

Instantly improve your flute tone

So if you'd like to try it out for yourself, if you haven't already done the free mini-course, that instantly improves your tone by learning proper technique. Join me at And I will show you exactly what proper technique will do for your tone in three days. And it's free. I'll see you there.

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