Flute Q&A #21: Learning jazz flute

Apr 11, 2022

Here are 3 more of your excellent flute questions in this latest Q&A to help you on your flute playing journey! 

In this Flute Q&A...

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Learning jazz and classical flute

- Kimberly asks: Hello Jane I play in a church orchestra, but want to learn other music too - jazz and classical.

Kimberley, here's a good little video with 5 examples of how learning proper flute technique accelerates your improvement! 

Speeding up flute fingers

- Kimberly asks: I also need help with speeding up my fingers and reading. Can the FA help?

Kimberley, more info for you on The Flute Academy here . Also, the Flute Tunes website I mentioned for lots of good, free flute music is here

Noise in the top of my flute

- Scott asks: When I tap my head joint on my leg to remove condensation ...I hear a something jangling in the lip joint or crown...what is that???

Scott, check out this little video about the cork in the end of your flute and what it does.

Master my flute pieces

- Paul asks: I am studying level 3 AMEB. Should I master 1 piece before another piece? Or should I practice many pieces at the same time without completing one?

An answer for Bruce's flute question!

- Joseph asks: Ask Bruce if he's got tension in the tongue. I had this problem and that was the cause of it.

Bruce's question was in Flute Q&A #18 in case you want to go and see the original question and answer! Check it out here

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