Flute Q&A #17 with Jane

Flute Q&A #17: Warm up exercises

Feb 07, 2022

In this latest Flute Q&A, come and learn about warm up exercises, why there are so many keys on the flute, and what your cheeks should do when playing the flute!

What's in this Flute Q&A...

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Flute warm up exercises

- Sam asks: Hey Jane, do you have any mouth exercises/warm ups you do before you even pick up your flute?

So many keys on the flute!

- Ashley Nicole Foster asks: Why do we have so many keys on the flute?

Close up of flute embouchure

- Dale asks: Hi Jane, please would you give me a close up view of your lips and cheeks when you are tonguing notes on the flute! I see that my top lip moves in sync with each tongue action despite just using one breath.

Online flute lessons

- Sabine asks: Do you give lessons online?

Sabine, here is more information on The Flute Academy that I mentioned.

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