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Flute Q&A #15 with Jane

Flute Q&A #15

Nov 29, 2021

Learn how to get different tone colours on the flute, how to know exactly where to place the flute on your face, and more in Flute Q&A #15!

In this Flute Q&A...

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Different tone colours, same flute

- Wolfgang asks: How can I get different tone colours out of the same flute?

The free mini-course to instantly improve your tone can be registered for here.

The 45 Day Flute Transformation

- Ellen asks: How do I sign up for the 45 days of flute lessons?

Ellen, The 45 Day Flute Transformation. Have a look at the details here

Flute embouchure placement

- Bonnie asks: How do you know where the exact part of the bottom lip is when not looking in the mirror?

Wet or dry embouchure

- Bonnie asks: And how about wet lips verses dry?

Flute lessons for kids

- Jenny asks: Hi, my daughter is 8, nearly 9. Would your classes help her? She hasn’t done grade one yet but has learned so much from your YouTube videos.

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