Flute Q&A #15 is ready to watch!

Nov 28, 2021

Learn how to get different tone colours on the flute, how to know exactly where to place the flute on your face, and more in Flute Q&A #15!

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- Wolfgang asks: How can I get different tone colours out of the same flute?

The free mini-course to instantly improve your tone can be registered for here.

- Ellen asks: How do I sign up for the 45 days of flute lessons?

Ellen, The 45 Day Flute Transformation. Have a look at the details here

- Bonnie asks: How do you know where the exact part of the bottom lip is when not looking in the mirror?

- Bonnie asks: And how about wet lips verses dry?

- Jenny asks: Hi, my daughter is 8, nearly 9. Would your classes help her? She hasn’t done grade one yet but has learned so much from your YouTube videos.

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