Flute Q&A #10 with Jane

Flute Q&A #10: How to play a really long phrase

Sep 20, 2021

Come and hear your flute questions answered! 

In this Flute Q&A...

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More air when playing flute

- Sheila asks: How do I get enough breath to be able to play 12 notes either in a phrase or in a scale.

To register for the free class I mentioned to Sheila, just go here.

Right hand pinky when slurring notes

- Nils asks: When I slur from C1 to C2 in the Day 21 Exercise. Can I keep the right hand little finger or do I need to move it to the new support position?

The 45 Day Flute Transformation that Nils has completed is here.

Getting a good flute sound

- Libia asks: How do I improve my sound on the flute?

Libia, the free class to explain why most adult flute players improve so slowly can be registered for here

Brain overload when practising flute

- Mike asks: When really focused on reading music, I'm not enjoying hearing the song. Are these two separate things- listening to a piece for pleasure, and playing a piece (hard work)?

Mike, the video I mentioned is here.

Daily flute practise

- Gideon asks: Which kind of flute practice do I have to be doing daily for improvement?

Gideon, to learn the exact exercises of proper technique in The Flute Academy, have a look here. And here is the video I mentioned on the tone exercises to avoid

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