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Where to find free CHRISTMAS music for flute

Where to find free CHRISTMAS music for flute!

Dec 02, 2019

Where to find free CHRISTMAS music for flute!

December 2019 is upon us! 🎄

And I've got some insider information about where to get excellent (and free) Christmas and Hanukkah music for the flute...

I made you this short video (from smokey Sydney, still!) to walk you through where to find over 91 free festive pieces for flute!

Jane xx

Flute School

Today, I'm going to show you my favourite Christmas and Hanukkah music that you can get for free on the internet so that you can play this in the festive season this year. So my name is Jane.  I live in Sydney. This is bushfire season in Sydney. Actually, it's not, it's still spring, but you can see the air is full of smoke from fires. So my business, the flute teacher's school is based on showing people tiny little changes to their flute playing that dramatically change their playing for the better obviously.

Free flute mini course

An example of that is a free minicourse that you can do at the end of this video, I'll show you how you can do that,  it's three days long, it's free and it teaches you how to dramatically improve your tone. 3 tiny little techniques. But for now, I'm gonna show you my favourite Christmas and festive season music.

Two Christmas carols on flute

I'm going to show you 2 of my favourite Christmas carols to start with. If you type in, it'll bring you to this page here. It's a fantastic website. There is so much, literally, there's thousands of pieces here. I don't know who created this website, but they're great. Whoever they are. If you click on this left-hand menu, browse tunes, and then scroll down and click on by category. This is where you can scroll down and find Christmas carols, Christmas music, 91 pieces and Hanukkah music. And there's 6. So we're going to have a look at the Christmas carols, and I wanna show you my favourite ones.

Download flute sheet music

You'll see down the right-hand side here. It says whether it's a flute solo, flute and piano, flute duet or flute trio. Sometimes flute and chords as well, which is good if you're playing with the guitar. If you're playing by yourself, of course, the duets are going to work as well. You just play the one part. So speaking of duets, one of the best ones on here is The First Noel. It's a really nice duet. If you click on PDF sheet music, it will take you to the page. And here it is four lines. It's a lovely little melody. You know how it goes. And it's a really good harmony part as well, which is why I like this one so much.

Carol of the Bells on flute

Alright. If we go back, I'll show you my second favourite Carol of the Bells is the greatest flute trio and we click on PDF sheet music. You'll probably know this, what I only just learned literally a couple of days ago, it's a Ukrainian Carol. That's pretty amazing that a Ukrainian Christmas Carol has become so well known. And you'll probably know it, it goes like this.  And later it goes pretty cute. And I said, it's a trio and there are the other three parts down below all the other two parts down below.

If we go back to the carols, so this is your list of 91 free Christmas carols and Hanukkah music. It's all beautifully written. It's very, very musically done. It's well formatted and I'm so appreciative to whoever runs You're great. Okay. Back to smokey Sydney now.

Flute school free mini course

Well, I hope those pieces bring you lots of cheer in December this year. That mini-course I was telling you about come and join me at And I'll show you the 3 tiny little techniques that instantly improve your sound on the flute. I look forward to seeing you there. Otherwise, I will see you again next week for the next video. See you.


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