Can you guess these Irish flute melodies

Can you guess these Irish flute melodies?

Jun 20, 2023

Can you guess the Irish melodies? If you're a fan of Irish music, I'm sure you'll know all 4 tunes!

Can you guess these Irish flute melodies?

Welcome to guess the flute tune. If you love Irish flute music, I would love to see if you know any of these tunes. Write in the comments below, if you know any of these four Irish melodies.

* Scroll to the bottom of this page for the answers!

Okay, let's go. The first one is this. Do you know what that is? If you do, write it in the comments.

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Okay, Number Two is this. I remember playing that when I was about 11 on the flute. My Dad likes that tune, so he chose it for me. Hi, Dad, if you're watching.

Guess flute tunes

Okay, Number Three is this one. I think this is the most famous of all Irish melodies. Oh, I have a hair in my face, in my mouth. That's actually probably a good time to stop. I wanted to keep going because it's such a beautiful piece, especially that second part that I played before I got a hair into my mouth.

Beautiful flute melody

The Fourth One, do you know this? This is technically an Irish piece, but it's not a traditional Irish piece. We know who the composer is, and it's based on an Irish poem. Oops. Played the wrong note at the end. That's okay. That is a beautiful melody for a flute by an Irish composer.

Which ones of these four Irish melodies do you know?

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Here are the answers!

1. Carrickfergus
2. Salley Gardens / The Maids of the Mourne/Moorlough Shore
3. Danny Boy / Londonderry Air
4. Last Rose of Summer

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