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Jane's birthday challenge

Jane's birthday challenge!

Mar 30, 2021

Flute fun birthday challenge!

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It's my birthday this week, and to celebrate, I have a little flute challenge for you that will see you improve your playing plus make one of your friends very happy!

It's something that I use with my students all the time and it's great for their (and your!) ongoing progress on the flute.

See you in the short video above that show's you the challenge!

Jane xx

Birthday flute challenge

Okay. I've got a cool birthday challenge for you today. It's my birthday this week. But the challenge for you will improve your flute playing and make someone that you know, very happy. Plus at the end of this video, I'm going to show you how to improve your flute playing in five days, literally like hugely improve your flute playing in five days.

Okay, here we go. Birthday challenge step - Oh, by the way, my name is Jane Cavanagh and I teach the flute and I'm Australian, which you probably guessed. Birthday challenge for you to celebrate my birthday this week, what better way to celebrate my birthday than to help you improve your flute playing and make one of your friends very happy.

Step one out of two steps, learn how to play, or I should say, work out how to play happy birthday, starting on any note. If you start on G this is the easiest one, if you choose another note, it will be varying degrees of hardness, depending on what you want. Work it out, how to play it on G, you can either Google the notes - it's kind of a bit of a cheat, but you know, still works or you can use your ears to work it out. It goes like this. As you know, starting on G

Record flute playing of birthday challenge

Step two is to record it on your phone. Either audio or video and send it to someone that you know and like, who you don't get to see very often, who has a birthday coming up. There you go.

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The easiest way to improve your flute playing and make someone you know and like happy. Now,  to improve your flute playing in five days significantly. If you missed it last month, I brought out a course. It's called the five day breakthrough. And as the name says, it's five days and it teaches you how to break through flute frustration. I call it that you have. If you're frustrated with lack of progress, this is what it does. Breakthrough flute frustration, and it teaches you how to uncover the real way to accelerate your progress. And I mean the real way, because it was based around proper technique. And that's what I teach - faster progress through proper flute technique.

If you want to join me in the breakthrough, come to I've put a link below this video as well for you. It will be excellent if you join me there, because it really does break through and accelerate your flute progress in five days. I'll catch you there. If I haven't already. See you.

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