Insight into a great flute duet

Insight into a great duet (called Spirituoso)

Oct 12, 2020

Today's video is a bit different to usual...

Insight into a great flute duet (called Spirituoso)

In this mini-lesson, I take you through a great flute duet that I've been teaching one of my students lately. It occurred to me that you might just love to learn it too!

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Jane xx

Flute Duet to learn

I've got something a bit different to share with you today. During the last two weeks, I've been working on a duet with a student, with a good student at a school that I teach at, and I thought this would be perfect to share with you as well. It's a particularly good duet, but it's a bit of an unusual duet as well. So in today's video, I'm going to give you some insight into what I've been doing with this student. And you might like to learn this duet as well. So let's jump over to and I'll show you where it is.

This duet called Spirituoso is what I was working on with my student. And I'm gonna show you where to find this on flutetunes. But if this is too hard for you, do not worry because there are literally hundreds of duets that you can choose from on flutetunes. So I'm gonna work with this one and show you what's cool about this. You might look at it and go, oh that doesn't really look like a duet. There's only one part. So I will explain in a second.

Using to find great flute music

So jump across to and the best way to find duets on here is go to brows tunes in the left hand menu, and then go to instrumentation and then flute duet. There's 831 duets. We're gonna ah, look at that. Look at the ad for Australia. It's been during COVID, we can't travel overseas. Like you know, most of the world can't so I'm getting all these ads for Australian travel. Scroll down and I'm gonna look for Spirituoso but you can choose anything you like all the way down to S and it's right here.

Record the first flute part

It's by Telemann, it's one of the Canonic Sonatas. It's this one here. Then you can scroll down and you click on PDF sheet music and bingo. If my internet plays along,  try that again. And bingo, here we go. Now the interesting thing about this duet, it doesn't look like a duet. It's one full page, as you can see, but it only looks like there's one part. See this little symbol here. This is what's so interesting about this duet, one of the things. The first person starts at the start, and when they get to this little sign here, the second person starts at the start. So as the title suggests, it's a Canon or a round. So the two flute players play the same piece, but just one bar apart. I'm gonna demonstrate today using my phone. So I'm gonna record the start of this with my phone and then play along.

Playing a flute canon with yourself

You can do this as well. It's like playing a flute duet with yourself, or you can play with a friend. Keep this screen up. I'm gonna go back to me right now on camera so that you can see the process of recording this duet. I'm gonna play you the first few lines of Spirituoso now, and I'm gonna record it on my voice memo on my phone. Then I'm gonna stop it. And I'll play along as the second flute offset by one bar and you'll see the magic of this duet, how it's so cleverly linked in when you are playing a buy out from each other. So follow through on the music if you want and let's go. Now it continues and it is so good. Let's jump back. I'm gonna play the recording and then I'm gonna come in one bar later.

Enjoy learning this flute duet

That was me talking. I really should not have recorded myself talking. So enjoy learning that duet or an easier one if you want to. It's a bit of a good opportunity with us. Some of us, lots of us stuck at home or not having as much of a social life or work life as normal. I look forward to seeing you next week. Stay well.

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