Trick to make Low C to Eb easy to play!

Trick to make Low C to Eb easy to play on the flute

Jul 07, 2020

There are not many flute playing "tricks" that are actually legit techniques...

A real trick to make Low C to Eb easy to play on the flute

But today you get to learn the quirkiest, possibly weirdest trick in all of flute playing history!

You're going to learn how to make the change from Low C to Low Eb really easy to play smoothly.

Jane x

Low C trick on the flute

Hey there. Good morning from Australia. Now, there are not many tricks on the flute that professionals agree are awesome. Mostly there'll be some professionals that think some tricks are acceptable and other professionals that think those same tricks are actual cheating and they should not do them.

But there is one at least one, one today that I'm going to show you that is agreed upon by every professional I have ever met. They all endorse this same trick.

Playing low C on the flute

So if you have trouble playing from low C to low E flat and back again and making that smooth. If yours sounds like something like that, then I have the solution for you and you do not need to buy a single thing and you have it in this room. Well, in your room, you actually don't even have to get off your chair to get it. This is how cool this is.

Well, I should actually say that my name is Jane Cavanagh. My business online, my flute school,  I started because I love showing people proper flute playing technique, things that instantly get them improvement in their playing.

Learning the correct flute techniques

I love seeing my students improve progress really quickly once they start knowing the right techniques with which to play. Stick around and I'll show you a new mini course how to play high notes easily at the end of this video. Okay? So this trick that everybody agrees on is to play from C to E flat.

So this item that is sitting in the chair with you right now is on your face. I know that sounds weird. Grab your right hand little finger and oh, you're not gonna stick your finger up your nose. No, no, no, no, no, no it's not that. On the side of your nose, you have some like conveniently placed oil, which then gets this - please don't say this is gross.

Coolest low C flute trick ever!

This is the best coolest trick ever -  smudge it onto your flute like that. And trust me, professionals do this. Watch them in a concert. If you know that they've got a C E flat coming up, you will see them do this. I'm not making this up. Smudge it onto your C to E flat. And that's it. Say no more. Problem solved. That is so much easier than when I demonstrated that a second ago.

How to easily play flute high notes

So for the free mini course that I was telling you about, I have a brand new free mini teaching you how to play high notes, way more easily. It's actually the proper way to play high notes. So come and join me at The mini course goes for three days. Join me there. And I'd love to show you that proper technique. See you.

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