How to Instantly Improve Your Flute Tone

Come and learn the 3 simple tweaks that give you an instantly clearer and stronger sound!

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Faster Progress Through Proper Technique ™

I show you a different way to get better at the flute...

I love teaching flute players just like you, how to make tiny adjustments to your flute technique to make your playing not only easier, but sound totally amazing.

✨ Instantly hear your own improvement! ✨

Faster progress on the flute should never be about a student thinking they "just need to practise more".

Instant improvement comes from learning the little tweaks of proper flute technique that make you instantly sound better!

Flute School testimonial
Flute School testimonial
Flute School testimonial
Flute School testimonial
Flute School testimonial
Flute School testimonial

Hey, it's great to see you here!

I'm Jane Cavanagh, a professional flute teacher and player in Sydney, Australia.

During the last 20+ years of teaching flute players from beginners to university level music majors and beyond, I've developed a unique teaching method.

This highly strategic method is based around the power of proper flute technique, and how it leads to ongoing mini breakthroughs, quickly resulting in easier, more beautiful playing.

And I'm so glad you're here, that you've found me...

My mission

Hearing my students say things like "I have had a major breakthrough with sound production and breath control immediately based on doing what you explain. Thank you very much for explaining in simple terms what others could not. I'm very grateful and excited!" (that's from Bill in Florida)...

Well, it really fuels me to teach the power of proper technique to as many flute players around the world as I can.

✨ Progress faster on the flute! ✨

I hear from flute players every single day who still believe they need to grind themselves into the ground practising harder and harder. I love it when they discover that the answer lies in the small tweaks to their playing that sets them free to play with fluency and ease.

Flute School testimonial
Flute School testimonial
Flute School testimonial
Flute School testimonial
Flute School testimonial
Flute School testimonial

Learn from Jane

Faster Progress Through Proper Technique ™

Join professional flute tutor Jane Cavanagh to learn how to transform your own flute playing, one clever tweak at a time.

The Flute Academy is a step by step masterplan to transform your flute playing, without the frustration or overwhelm.

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Giving back

Each month, I choose which one of my favourite charities to donate to on behalf of The Flute Academy students. Here are a few of them. To see how the flute school helps even more organisations, click here.

Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary rescue injured wombats.

Music and Memory brings joy (and memories) to dementia patients.

Ozharvest rescues surplus food to feed the homeless.

Symphony for Life invests in young people living in challenging communities.

One Voice Mobile Showers provides dignity for the homeless.

Animals for All Care connects isolated older people with animals.

Instantly improve your tone!

If you like the idea of getting faster progress on the flute by learning the tweaks of proper playing technique, you're in the right place.

Come and join me in this free mini-course to learn 3 quick adjustments that will instantly give you a stronger, clearer tone.

Jane xx

Join me for the free mini-course!