The Flute Academy

The TFA Timeline

As you progress through The Flute Academy, you'll receive bonus flute courses ūüé∂,¬†awardsūü•á,¬†shout-outs ūüĆü, and even surprises in the real-life mail! ūüéĀ

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The Flute Academy
welcome card

Upon joining

Welcome card!

Congratulations! You're now a student of The Flute Academy. And I've got a little gift to send you ūüėÉ... So¬†make sure you claim your welcome¬†card inside of the academy!

The 5 day breakthrough

The 5 Day Breakthrough

Immediately, the Breakthrough is unlocked for you to learn the real way to accelerate your progress!

Over the next 5 days, you'll get access to The Complete Flute Player's Troubleshooting Guide, the workshop How to Practise Smarter Not Harder, and the myth busting session, plus you'll learn about the Power of Proper Technique.

Technique workshops
repertoire classes
online concerts
the 45 day flute transformation

10th day

The 45 Day Flute Transformation

Today is the day you get to start your flute transformation! Each day you'll learn a new technique adjustment to add into your flute playing.

Take it one day at a time, and step by step, you'll transform your flute playing, all without any sense of overwhelm. Remember - you can go at your own pace, and do each day's lesson when you're ready.

Mental tricks for faster fingers

4 months

Mental Tricks for Faster Fingers

Bonus course

You'll learn the 6 mental tricks to "trick" your fingers and brain, that make fast passages easier, faster and more fluid.

The express way to learn easy high notes

5 months

The Express Way to Learn Easy High Notes

Bonus mini-course

This mini-course is a quick consolidation course for you, to review the real way to easily play high notes. You'll see how far you've come since you started the Transformation!

Look out for the email from me with your ACTIVATE button.

Apply for a Masterclass

6 months

Apply for a Masterclass

You are now able to apply to be the student featured in a Masterclass to get some personalised tips for your own flute playing.

You'll see the "Apply for a Masterclass" area has automatically appeared inside The Flute Academy here.

Smoke and Mirrors for difficult pieces

7 months

Smoke and Mirrors for Difficult Pieces

Bonus course

You'll learn 5 tips that help give the appearance of being able to play a piece that you actually can't quite play (yet!). Sometimes you just don't have enough time to learn a difficult piece before you have to perform it, so these tips come in very handy for last minute preparation!

Breathing tricks for super human breathing

8 months

Superhuman Breathing

Bonus course

You'll learn the "tricks of the trade" to give your breathing technique a superhuman edge. You'll discover how to sneak in more air, and use it more effectively, getting through longer and longer passages.

The ultimate trill guide

11 months

The Ultimate Trill Guide

Bonus course

In this interactive and comprehensive guide, you'll learn every single trill fingering on the flute, and discover the easy way to play and actually remember every trill that you'll ever need on the flute!

surprise in the mail

12 months

Surprise in the mail

Who doesn't love getting real-life mail?! You'll first get an email from me to confirm your postal address, then keep an eye on your mailbox!

Note: To claim each part of this timeline, your months in The Flute Academy need to be continuous. In other words, if you leave the academy, then decide to re-join, the timeline will start again.