Tip #8 for Absolute Beginner Flute Players

Top Flute Tip #8 for Absolute Beginner Flute Players

Feb 14, 2023

Top Tip #8 for Absolute Beginner Flute Players

Today we are continuing the series of Top 10 Tips for Absolute Beginner Flute Players!

These tips in this article (that I wrote for the fantastic interactive music app called Tomplay) are actually not just for beginner flute players...

The tips are helpful for any flutist, of any level, who wants to sound better on the flute by learning the little tweaks of proper technique!

Today's TIP #8 below shows you how to give yourself the best chance to play with a good sound, by learning to listen to the details of how you play!

It's a simple concept, but many flute players don't know how to truly listen to themselves. 

Have a read below (or read all of the 10 tips here if you would like to read the whole article at once!)

TIP #8. Learn how to truly listen when playing flute

When you were a total beginner, did you start by getting yourself a “learn to play the flute” book.

This types of books are more of a “learn to READ MUSIC" book.

To actually learn how to play the flute, you need video (or real life) demonstrations of how to blow and how to hold the flute. That is not something that you can learn successfully from just a book.

Here is a perfect strategy for total beginners to learn to play first, learn to listen to themselves, and then learn to read music, all with ease: 

Step 1

Learn how to play lots of notes on the flute first, listening to your tone and concentrating on using the right embouchure, posture and fingerings.

It's a good idea to also, at this point, learn a few scales to practise your new notes.

Step 2

Learn a few short melodies without using any music. Simple melodies like Mary Had a Little Lamb, or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (for example) are a great way to boost your confidence with playing before introducing the complexities of reading music.

Step 3

Now start learning to read music from your “how to play the flute” book. You will find it so much easier to learn to read music when you already know how to play the note before learning to read it.

That’s it!

If you're a total beginner, or you want to recommend how someone else should start their learning of the flute, follow these three steps, and you will give yourself the best chance to play with a good sound and without the brain overload from trying to do too much at once!

Stand by for Top Flute Tip #9!

Soon, I'll send you the next tip in this series about why using a music stand improves more than just your posture!

Until next week, have a wonderful week of flute playing!

Jane x

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