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The Notes of Your First Song on the Flute

Sep 22, 2015

The Notes of Your First Song on the Flute

In this video and the next video, I'm going to teach you how to play your first song. You've spent the last few videos really working on the foundations of your flute playing, making sure that things are straight, relaxed, and you're doing things correctly, not breaking your flute, getting a good sound in the mirror. This is all so important, and now ready to learn a piece. You know this song. Let me play it for you and then I'll teach it to you. It's familiar to you, I'm sure. The first note is B, and you already know a B. The second note is A. If you have a B here, and you put down your next finger, remember to skip this key. That's A. Give it a go, think of all those posture things I've taught you, think of your feet, and see if you can get an A. You may like to pause the video or at the end of the video, go to the mirror and practice putting the flute up and down as you did for other notes, and seeing that you can get the A as clearly as you can get the B. The third note is a G. Once you've got an A, put down your next finger, see if you can play that note. They're your three notes, B, A, G, which spells "bag", so that's an easy way to remember your first three notes. If you need to rewind the video, by all means go and do it so that you can work out those fingers. The next part of this lesson is to see if you can play those 3 notes one after each other, it doesn't have to be quick, but just make sure that you don't need to take your flute down and look at it before playing the next note. This is what I want you to achieve. You might find at the moment you're doing this, which is quite normal, but aim to do them all in one go when you can play BAG, then play them backwards, GAB. Then can you mix them up a bit? Can you play Bs then Gs? And so on. Play around with those notes. The last part of this video is a little bit of a challenge for you. When you can play those notes, any order that you designate, Bs, Gs, As all mixed up, I want to see if you can start to play Mary Had a Little Lamb, that I played to you, all by yourself. How much can you work out? Can you get the first five note? If you can, great. How much can you get? Then I'm going to see you in the next video and I'll teach the piece to you. Between now and then, see how much you can do by yourself. See you then.

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