The Most Bizarre Flutes You've Ever Seen!

Sep 21, 2015

Just for a little fun, I wanted to introduce you to some of these remarkable people who can play the STRANGEST pieces of equipment as a flute! These videos are all for real, and you won't believe what beautiful sounds come out of the most regular objects! In this video, a guy plays some gorgeous music on a metal barrier. It just happens to be a hollow barrier, in the same way that a flute is hollow, and he has drilled holes at the right places to place his fingers. Quite ingenious (and hilarious) in my opinion! This next video is actually a clarinet, not a flute, but it's so FANTASTIC that I wanted to include it. It's made out of a carrot! The maker is funny as well as super musical. Enjoy! This last video is just plain bizarre. A nose-flute made from a potato sounds pretty standard after the last carrot video. But the video itself is just hilarious, especially the backing music. Enjoy!

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