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The best place to find Christmas songs for flute

Flute Q&A #42: The best place to find Christmas songs for flute

Dec 20, 2022

Today's Flute Q&A #42 is about Christmas music!

Amanda asks: "Do you know any good flute music that I could play on Christmas day at my parents house for them?"

Oooo yes I do Amanda!

In fact, I can point you towards 104 free Christmas songs beautifully arranged for flute!

The best place to find Christmas songs for flute

Amanda, here is the direct link to 104 Christmas pieces on flutetunes. Have fun learning some of them for Christmas Day!
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Christmas flute songs

Welcome to Flute Q and A Number 42. And before we go any further, happy festive season to you. Happy Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. I hope it's a wonderful time of year for you. There's a lot of difficult things going on in the world, particularly at the moment, and I hope that flute playing brings you a lot of joy despite all that.

Proper flute technique

So I'm here to help you get better at your flute playing by teaching you the teeny little techniques that instantly improve your techniques, to instantly improve your playing. It's like teaching you the right technique that you wish you'd learn when you were a beginner.

Christmas flute music

Okay, so today's question comes from Amanda. She says, do you know any good flute music that I could play on Christmas Day at my parents' house for them? Oh, yes, I do. You have come to the right place, Amanda.

Free flute music 

Okay, so It's not my website, just has the word flute in it, like my website does. I don't know who runs this website, but it is magnificent. It is a magnificent source of free legal flute music. It's all out of copyright for flute. And they have a whole section for Christmas.

Flute Christmas songs

In fact, I just looked and there's 104 Christmas songs on flutetunes. There's thousands on the website. 104 of them are Christmas. I'll put a link for you below, Amanda, so that you can choose what you would like to play.

Flute pieces

My favourites, Carol of the Bells. You probably know the one, you know how it goes. And also, Oh, Holy Night. Oh, holy night. The stars are shining bright, right? Oh my God, that was the worst singing. That's why I'm a flute player, not a singer. But I think you know the song that I mean.

Favourite Christmas carol

I would like to know what is your favourite Christmas carol for flute? If you're on YouTube, put in the comments below your favourite Christmas song for flute. I'm assuming that you're a flute player since you're watching this. If you're not a flute player and you happen to be watching this, by all means, put in your favourite flute Christmas song for an instrument other than flute, but it's probably gonna be flute.

So wishing you a great Christmas, great festive season. I'll be back in a couple of weeks with another Q and A as I'm having a couple of weeks off, so have a great Christmas.

The Flute Academy

I feel like there was one more thing I wanted to tell you. If you want to hang on. Oh, oh my gosh. How could I forget? I knew there was something else. We just had, inside the Flute Academy, we just had the December online concert and we made it into a bit of a festive concert.

Online flute concert 

Once a month in the Flute Academy, we have a live Zoom online concert where you'll see all the grids of the flute students that come along to the concert. I select few of them, decide to play a piece, and it's a great chance for them to practice their performing in a really low pressure environment with really encouraging people in the audience, in the virtual audience, which are flute students from the academy, the Flute Academy.

The Flute Academy

So if you are thinking over Christmas that you would like to get into the new year and join the Flute Academy, I'll put a link for you below. Otherwise, have a wonderful Christmas. Have a wonderful break if you have a break, and I'll see you in the new year. Bye.

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