Should Flute Tonguing Be TA or DA?

Aug 20, 2018

I get asked this question by intelligent, curious, adult flute students:

"Should tonguing on the flute be TA or DA?"

In fact, flute teachers ask this question too. Over the years, I've seen it come up in advanced flute masterclasses - all over the world.

The answer is far more simple that you (or they) think!

I was lucky enough to major in Phonetics and Linguistics when I did my university degree. Phonetics IS articulation! And it has been ever so usefulto apply this in teaching the flute...

The video above explains the answer to the question - TA or DA? The video is part of the Crystal Clear Tonguing course, where you learn the basics of good, clear tonguing, as well as the super advanced skill of double tonguing with speed and clarity. Plus everything in between to get you tonguing with clarity!

Watch the video above to find out the answer - TA or DA?

And if you have fluffy tonguing, and want to clear it up, go check out the Crystal Clear Tonguing course here

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