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Would you like a recording of your piece

Would you like a recording of your piece?

May 11, 2020

I had a good idea hit me in the face like a wet fish just a few days ago...

As you likely already know, I've been practicing the flute in lockdown and recording a new piece each day to send to a friend to keep in contact with them.

Then I started recording my students' pieces for them, and sticking each one on YouTube so they can listen to the piece at home to help them learn it.

So why not extend the offer to you!??

Watch this 4 minute video to learn how to submit a piece for me to record for you. It's free of course - it's helping me with my flute practice, and will no doubt help you with yours. A win-win!

Jane xx

Hi there. Good morning. I've got a little tune for you.

The reason that sprung to mind is because I wanna tell you about an offer that I have to you for helping you with learning one of your pieces. That's the first thing. And the second thing is that I want to introduce you to my brand new assistant. She is amazing. Okay. The first offer of assistance to you, this video is not going on to YouTube. This is just for you. If you are on my email list. In this time of lockdown, I've been recording my students pieces for them, putting it onto YouTube so that they can hear how it goes when they're at home and it helps them learn it. And I thought, why not extend that offer to you as well? If you're learning anything from, world's best website of free flute music, and you would like a recording of it to know how it goes, let me know and I'll record it and I'll put it on my YouTube channel.

If you'd like to take up this offer, I'm only recording flutetunes pieces and the reason is because the pieces on that website are all out of copyright. So that means it's completely legal for me to be recording them. So send through your request at and I'm going to prioritize the ones that are for solo flute. And then after that, I'm gonna start prioritizing any flute, duets, or flute trios, because I really wanna work out how to record myself and layer myself on top of each other and do duets trios, quartets. So anything with piano, I'm not recording yet.  Although I will think about that later when I'm allowed to actually see piano players. So I hope that is going to help you with your flute playing at home, especially if you can't go anywhere at the moment.

Okay. The second thing I want to tell you about is to introduce you to my wonderful new assistant, Rachel, this is Rachel. She is an experienced flute player. She's my ex flute student in fact. She's in her final year of a bachelor of music and she's helping me respond to my emails. You know how I said she's an ex flute student of mine. Here is a photo that is a little embarrassing for both of us. So she was a great student, by the way, very focused. I've been getting so many wonderful emails from people so many seriously, thank you. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful bunch of people that send me emails. During this lockdown time I'm spending most of my time, actually even further locked away, creating videos for the new flute academy. It's going to be released in July and it concentrates on the fundamental techniques that you need to quickly improve your playing. The way I'm going to describe this flute academy is faster progress through proper technique.

That's what I'm going to be teaching you through The Flute Academy. It's very sequential. It's day by day. And the cornerstone of the new flute academy is particular exercises that I give you a little one every day to practice a particular new technique that I'm introducing. Now, if you are already a current student of my flute academy, you'll be getting this new flute academy 2.0 as I'm calling it at the moment included. So I'll let you know when it's ready. July is when I'm aiming for it to be out. So watch this space in July. If you'd like to join seriously, you're gonna love it. It's so clear. It's so sequential. And it's the absolute fundamental technique to quickly getting better at your flute playing. And because I'm spending time there, Rachel is helping me respond to my many, many lovely emails. If you get a reply from her, you can now put a face to the name.

So if you'd like a piece recorded reply to this email and Rachel, or I will get back to you to say that we've got your email, tell me the name of the piece that you'd like recorded. And remember, I'll prioritize the flute solo ones first and the easy ones first, because I can record them so quickly. And then your final step is to keep an eye on my YouTube channel. I'm Jane Cavanagh of  Flute school, no surprises there. Go on and click subscribe and to be notified of when each new piece is out. Make sure you click the little bell button next to subscribe. That means you'll be notified and keep an eye out for your piece that you've requested. Have a great week, and I'll see you next week. All.


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