Greensleeves on the flute

Greensleeves played on the flute

Aug 02, 2021

Did you know there are two different ways of playing Greensleeves on the flute? The two different versions sound SO different, that I actually like one way a lot more than the other!

Watch this demo of Greensleeves on the flute

See which version is YOUR favourite!

> Download the sheet music for this piece for free here: 

Tradition English flute melody

This piece is Greensleeves. It's a traditional English melody that nearly everybody knows. Welcome to Flute School with me. I'm Jane Cavanagh.

After I play this piece for you to help you learn it, I'm going to give you a teaching tip because there's actually two different ways of playing this piece.  Not everybody knows that. So here we go.

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Two ways of playing Greensleeves on the flute

Now the teaching tip for this piece, I said there's two versions of playing it. And there is. You'll notice on the music for this, if you've downloaded the one in the link that I've put below this video, you'll see that on the 1, 2, 3, 4, the 5th note in brackets above the note, there's a little sharp sign.

You might be thinking: “Does that mean I repeat it and I play it with a sharp? Does that mean that I can play a sharp if I want? Does that mean that I need to make this note a bit sharp, but not fully sharp?”  It could mean any number of things because this is not really standard musical notation. But what it does mean is that there are two versions of this piece and the other version has those notes, those sharps, sorry, those F's as F sharps.

My favourite way of playing the melody on the flute

I'm going to play that version for you now, because I love this version. This in my mind, this is so much better than the version that I just played. So see what you think.

So if you're watching this video on YouTube, write in the comments below, which was your favourite. The one with the F naturals or the one with the F sharps? Mine’s  the F sharps, but I'd be interested to hear what you say. All right. That's it. See you later.

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